Roxy likes to stay close to her people

Posted by Nerilie Watson on 9 September 2014 | 2 Comments


It’s been a week since Roxy came home with us, and I thought I’d let you know we all couldn’t be happier – Roxy included, I think.

We can’t believe we’ve got another beautiful dog perfect for us, just like gorgeous Jetty-boy (Jet, formerly Gordon at your place). Roxy couldn’t be sweeter, and has us all wrapped around her paws. She’s been relaxed and ‘at home’ since the first full day (last Sunday), and we’ve been walking every day too. We figured out the second day the right mix of biscuits with mooshed up sausage meat (just like MJ said!), plus we’ve thrown in a couple of chicken carcasses in between meals. She’s eating well.

She loves her different sleeping spots, and seems to like being under (e.g. table) or closely alongside (e.g. bed, sofas) things, which has us thinking about her former life.

Attached are some photos from the first week which we thought you might like to see. We all love her, and she loves all four of us too … although, truth be known, she’s really Mum’s girl, and I’m happy with that.


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  • Happy to hear of Roxy settling in so well with a wonderful family.

    Posted by Ali, 12/09/2014 12:49pm (4 years ago)

  • Aww just the type of story we love reading,she looks so relaxed,thank you lovely people for giving her a second chance at happiness.

    Posted by Dot , 10/09/2014 6:06pm (4 years ago)

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