Ruby is young at heart

Posted by Nerilie Watson on 16 February 2012 | 4 Comments

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An update on how Ruby is.


My husband and I lost our most precious Doberman in September last year and we had no plans to get another dog so soon. But our house felt so empty without the presence of a pet. We missed the foot steps on the floor boards and the joys of walking a dog every day.

We came across a brochure from the Refuge and realised how many dogs were in need of a home, so without hesitation we went to Shenton Park determined to bring one home. We walked around and looked at all the dogs, and we saw Ruby. As soon as she came to us behind the fence of her kennel, there was something special about her, it was love at first sight and we knew we had to have her. We wanted to take on an older dog as people tend to adopt younger ones and we didn’t even realised she was 8 years old, she looked so young and lively.


We adopted her that very day and she jumped in our car without hesitation. We not only chose her that day, she also chose us. We had bought a few toys and a bed for her at the shelter. As soon as we got home, she was so anxious to get in the house. She ran everywhere to inspect her new home and found the bed we bought her and just crashed on it for a whole day. She was so well trained and was using the doggy door in no time. She spends part of her day sun baking in the back yard. She hardly barks unless it was necessary and she loves cuddling on the sofa. She sleeps in her bed in our bedroom and I don’t need an alarm clock anymore as she wakes me up with her wet nose anticipating a walk.

We live by the river and I walk her every morning before work and my husband walks her in the afternoon. She loves meeting other dogs and is very friendly but can play a little rough sometimes. She loves going for drives in the car because she knows it will take her to some new place to walk. Ruby is one of the happiest dogs we have ever met and it’s a rare occasion to see her tail still as she is constantly wagging it. My husband and I have been so fortunate having Ruby in our life, her name is most fitting as she is definitely precious.

Kind Regards


Annick and Peter

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  • your dog is adorable and soooooo sooooooo CUTE!

    Posted by Erin, 24/04/2012 7:07pm (6 years ago)

  • Ruby you have certainly hit the jackpot, what a great new start you have been given, by such a loving family.

    Posted by Maureen, 26/02/2012 10:35am (7 years ago)

  • So sorry you lost your beautiful doberman last year,
    but thank you so much for opening your hearts and home and giving Ruby the chance of so much love.

    Posted by Jane, 25/02/2012 11:05pm (7 years ago)

  • oh baby Ruby! my induction group fell in love with her when I picked her for our training dog. She was sooo sweet and such a happy girl, we couldn't believe she was 8yo either!. So glad she found you and you found her.

    Posted by Nat, 17/02/2012 9:28pm (7 years ago)

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