Sammy's taken over the house

Posted by Nerilie Watson on 18 July 2012 | 3 Comments


After being adopted in June, Sammy developed some soreness in her hips and her owner contacted us to see if we could advise on diagnosis and treatment. Working closely with our friends at Subiaco Vets, Sammy was bought to Perth where she was examined and placed on a course of anti-inflammatories. She’s now back with her owner on their farm in Jurien Bay, north of Perth, where she spends her days shadowing Bill and romping around the property.


I cannot thank you enough for arranging Sammy to visit Subiaco Vet.  I caught up with my father on Friday night, Sammy had spent most of the day at Subi Vet and according to Dad there were no major issues reported with her hips, although there was "slight" evidence of hip displacer. I want to make sure Sammy gets everything she needs from a care point of view (as you may have already worked out Sammy has a couple of us looking after her well-being!).

Sammy is now back on the farm with Dad getting pampered, I've enclosed some photos that I thought you might like to pass onto the adoption team.  She has taken over Dad's house, the couch, his bed and I'm pleased to say she's put on a couple of kilos which she so desperately needed.  Dad is also conducting 1:1 training with her each day and I could not of imagined such a good pairing, think I've said before its love with these two, the way Sammy gazes up at Dad is just gorgeous!


We have 6 other dogs within our family & Sammy has met and played with all of them, her temperament is very sweet, she forgets how big she is at times but all our dogs are well socialised and have welcomed her.
I will be touching base with Dad during the week to see how her hips are going.

Thanks again Patrick, we are blessed to have such a beautiful dog.

Kind regards


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  • What a lovely story, I'm so pleased to see another animal adopted,as an animal lover I'm always happy to see the love and compassion our community shows to our neglected animals

    Posted by Denise Andrews , 23/07/2012 6:32pm (6 years ago)

  • It seems as though Sammy has a dream home. Thank you Kate.

    Posted by Linda, 20/07/2012 8:31pm (6 years ago)

  • What a wonderful touching story of an adoption that has worked so well. It is always nice to hear how the dogs have settled in their forever homes. Thank you.

    Posted by Ali, 18/07/2012 3:17pm (6 years ago)

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