Samson digs his way into his family's hearts

Posted by Nerilie Watson on 16 October 2010 | 3 Comments


I adopted Samson earlier this year and just wanted to thank you so much for looking after him until he could come and live with me. I have attached some pictures for you so you can see how well he is doing.


Samson is such a beautiful boy and I can't imagine life without him. He is such a smoocher around people he knows and trusts, always ready for a cuddle. But he is also a great guard dog who lets me know if there are any dodgy characters walking past the house (and scares them away with his big bark!).

Samson loves hanging out with his new best friend Rosie. They spend the day chasing each other around the backyard, lazing in the sun or getting up to some sort of mischief. The backyard has undergone some major excavations since Samson joined our household, but this is just a little something for us to work on!

Samson and Rosie also enjoy going camping, to the beach, to mum's farm in Busselton as well as hanging out with their other doggy mates. Next week Samson is starting dog obedience classes and hopefully once we have worked on his basic manners he will start agility training. I think he will be a super star!

Thanks again for the wonderful job you do.

Love Samson & Kelly



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  • great dog... and so lucky too for having a great owner.

    Posted by angela, 10/11/2010 6:15pm (8 years ago)

  • Another happy ending.
    Sampson won first prize.

    Posted by Belinda, 22/10/2010 2:54am (8 years ago)

  • It is so good to know that Sampson has been adopted by such a loving person.
    He looks so content and happy.

    Posted by Jane, 20/10/2010 1:42am (8 years ago)

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