Scruffy Chino settles in

Posted by Kylie Hildebrand on 29 July 2009 | 1 Comments


Chino was adopted at the beginning of March and boy has he settled in! He is a loving and happy dog and is about to start some basic training.

Scruffy Chino settles in

Chino is still nervous around strangers but with all the love he receives he will become more secure. Chino is a spoodle and gets lots of comments when at the beach or at the park. We love his scruffy look!

He goes to soccer training with the boys of the household and enjoys watching games.

Thanks for looking after him till we got him!

The Bird family.

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  • Chino is still going great!

    Posted by Liz Bird, 12/05/2014 5:35pm (4 years ago)

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