Seniors for Seniors

Dogs can offer older people companionship, provide a reason to get out of the house, and offer many health benefits associated with daily walking. However, it is understandable that older people don't want to take on the hassle or responsibility of puppies and younger dogs!

We often take in older dogs from owners who can no longer care for them. That's where our Seniors for Seniors programme comes in. This programme aims to support the re-homing of refuge dogs over 7 years old with older people/ retirees who may not want a younger dog.

Older dogs may also suit younger people and families, who for a number of reasons may not want to take on a puppy or young dog, but who may be looking for a suitable mature dog. 

If you are interested in teaching an old dog new tricks, contact the Refuge to register for the program.

Through the Seniors for Seniors program, we hope to match people with exactly the right dog and, in doing so, enable our older dogs to find a good home where they will be well cared for.

You can also help the Refuge to continue caring for and rehoming lost and abandoned dogs in Perth by leaving a gift in your will. For further information, visit our Bequests page.

Older Dogs Currently At The Refuge


DOB - JULY 2006 | Male | Kelpie x Staffy

Good day people, my name is Qwark. They say I am an older gentleman but I am not feeling the years at all, honestly I can keep up with any of those young dogs! I must admit I have an addiction to tennis balls, I cannot get enough and I will hound you to throw one for me if it is around. I am also a tennis ball detector and if there is one in a yard then I will find it! My dream home would be one where I am inside with you but also have my very own yard full of tennis balls to play in during the day. Could you provide me with that?

Part time workers or someone who is retired is best suited for him as he will need company in his new home at the beginning or he may stress.

MY ENERGY LEVEL: Qwark will require approx. 2 x 30 minute walks daily which will need to be adjusted as he gets older.

MY SUITABILITY TO CHILDREN: Not recommended - ideal home is adults 16+ as due to age may not tolerate young children.

MY SUITABILITY TO CATS & DOGS: Choosy with dog friends. Recommended as only dog due to age.

Hazel - Not Available

DOB - Est 8-10 years | Female | Heeler X

Hazel was left in a poor way in her local pound. Unfortunately she has been diagnosed with health issues that may limit her longevity but are not causing her pain. We will discuss and make these clear to her future owner. She has a very sweet and loving nature, will need to be the only dog in the home and ideally requires a home with a retired person, part time worker or stay at home parent - not for separation anxiety but just for regular company.

Her lovely foster carers Michael and Joan report she is a friendly, obedient dog who loves short walks, human company and playing with the ball.

If you are in a position to make a compassionate adoption and show this girl some love and support we know she will reward you with love and loyalty for as long as she can.

Please call the office or come in to discuss Hazel. She is in foster so not onsite but a meeting will be arranged following the adoption process. We are seeking an adoption but would also consider a long term foster.

MY ENERGY LEVEL: Short daily walk - does like chasing her ball still!

MY SUITABILITY TO CHILDREN: Not recommended due to expected shortened lifespan but she is friendly so could be considered.

MY SUITABILITY TO CATS & DOGS: Hazel is choosy with doggy friends and is best suited as an only dog home.


DOB - SEPT 2006 | Female | American Bulldog x Staffy

Rayner is a lovely older lady looking for a home where she can be given lots of company and enjoy a relaxing lifestyle. She came to us in poor condition but this has not deterred her wanting to interact & be friends with you. Rayner will suit a home with someone around most of the time where she can soak up the sun during the day and keep you warm at night inside the home. Rayner would make an ideal companion dog for those who can provide her a relaxing home environment.

Note: Rayner has some medical conditions to be discussed with new owner before adoption.

MY ENERGY LEVEL: Rayner will require approximately 45 minutes exercise daily. She is an older girl and caution not to over exercise as she appears to get sore in her joints / legs.

MY SUITABILITY TO CHILDREN: Older children only.

MY SUITABILITY TO CATS & DOGS: Appeared to be dog social however, with age and medical issues would suited to only dog or with another older dog if compatible.


DOB - DEC 2003 | Male | Kelpie X

Grandpa is a lovely older gentleman who is looking for a home to retire in. Even though he's a bit of an oldie, he still has a spring in his step. He's an affectionate boy, who loves the comfort of being inside with his owners, but, he still enjoys frolicking around in the garden. Grandpa is partially deaf and blind, so he will need patient owners who are willing to give him the TLC he deserves.

MY ENERGY LEVEL + REQUIREMENTS: Grandpa only need a gentle short daily stroll. He has a bit of arthritis so his new owners will need to be aware of this and be sure not to over exercise him.

MY SUITABILITY TO CHILDREN: Grandpa would love a child-free home where he can relax and enjoy his twilight years



DOB - APR 2010 | Male | Boxer X

Rocky is a typical goofball Boxer who finds himself looking for a new loving furever home.
He is a very well mannered boy who has lived with children, two other dogs and cats previously.
Rocky has a playful side he will bound around in true Boxer style.
He would suit a semi active home and one where he can receive lots of love & affection.
Rocky is an amazing, happy character and will be a great addition to any home.

MY ENERGY LEVEL + REQUIREMENTS: Rocky will require approximately 1 hour of exercise daily. Although he lived with full time workers previously he always had another dog a for company (since puppy) so will need part time workers at least while he settles in and they can see how he copes alone in time. Rocky is playful, has lived with children, two other dogs and cats previously with no issues. He does not like rabbits.

MY SUITABILITY TO CHILDREN: Rocky has lived with children previously and never had any issues. He is very gentle. Pending a meet.

MY SUITABILITY TO CATS & DOGS: Rocky is very friendly with other friendly dogs and is also good with cats!


DOB - DEC 2008 | Female | Rottweiler X

Hey I am Sonja. Previously I have not been very well taken care of as I came in quite skinny, I had bad skin and I have had multiple litters of puppies so I feel that I am now getting better and I deserve to have a dream home. I am very strong so I need to have an owner who is equally as strong and able to take me out on walks. I have very basic manners but I will sit for a treat and I love food so I am super keen to learn. It may take some time for me to settle into my new home as I am an older lady as this is a big change for me so please be patient with me, as a thank you, I will reward you with love for as long as I can.

MY ENERGY LEVEL: 2x 30 minute walks daily

MY SUITABILITY TO CHILDREN: Older dog savvy kids only. She came in very skinny and some dogs as a result can be quite protective of their food so should be monitored a precaution.

MY SUITABILITY TO CATS & DOGS: Other dogs should be fine as long as they are given a slow introduction. Cats have not been tested.


DOB - DEC 2006 | Female | Bull Mastiff X

Carmen is an older girl but super friendly, happy and affectionate towards everybody she meets.
She would best suit a home where she can be given lots of companionship daily while enjoying calm walks with her people.
Carmen is very relaxed, will enjoy soaking up the sun in a nice yard as well as relaxing inside the home with her new family.
She has a lot of love to give and deserves a loving, relaxing home to retire in.

MY ENERGY LEVEL: 30-40 minute walk daily

MY SUITABILITY TO CHILDREN: May be okay with children over 5




DOB - SEPT 2006 | Male | Staffy Mix

Hey I am Fred. I am an older gentleman who is looking for a best friend and someone who will love me. I am very affectionate and I am happiest when I am in your company or just hanging out beside you on my own bed. I do not like other dogs as I prefer all the human attention on myself so my new owner must accept me for who I am and be willing to manage this. I would love if my new human was retired like me so we could hang out together throughout the day. Does it sound like I would suit you?

MY ENERGY LEVEL: Fred will require approx. 2 x 30 minute walks daily plus mental stimulation. He is best suited to part time workers as he is likely to stress in his new home at the beginning and will need someone with him to settle him into a new lifestyle.

MY SUITABILITY TO CHILDREN: Older dog savvy kids.

MY SUITABILITY TO CATS & DOGS: Anti-social and does not like other dogs. Will need to be kept from contact with other dogs including during walks.

Sox & Bonnie (Bonded Pair)

Sox DOB - DEC 2006 | Female | Rhodesian Ridgeback X

Bonnie DOB - JUN 2015 | Female | Rhodesian Ridgeback X Mastiff

Hey I am Sox and this is my gorgeous daughter Bonnie. We are looking for a family that would be willing to adopt the 2 of us as Bonnie stresses when I am not around, she is like my shadow. We have some medical requirements, however we are generally easygoing dogs and will be a treat to have in your home. I am quite a confident lady and I will approach anyone new to say hello, sadly I cannot say the same for my daughter as she is very nervous and will avoid people where she can. She will come around once we have people who will commit to us and care for us but we just need to be given that chance. If you feel you can offer us a home then please enquire today!

MY ENERGY LEVEL: Bonnie will need 2x 30 minute walks daily and Sox will need 1x 30 minute walks daily

MY SUITABILITY TO CHILDREN: Older dog-savvy kids



DOB - MAY 2005 | Female | Kelpie X

Gypsy is a lovely older lady who is very keen to find and settle into her furever home! She a much loved dog by everyone she meets. Gypsy is super friendly with all people and just wants to sit next to you enthusiastically lapping up all the affection she can get. Gypsy is good with other dogs but does prefer calmer, well mannered dogs who do not jump all over her.
She is an absolute sweetheart and will make an amazing companion in the right home.

MY ENERGY LEVEL + REQUIREMENTS: Gypsy will only require a short gentle walk daily, ensuring not to over-walk her due to her age and her arthritis. Gypsy is well mannered, has good obedience, walks well on lead and is a very happy, affectionate girl.
Is ok with most dogs as long as they are well mannered with her. Gypsy can be needy and likes to know that you are there with her. It is essential that her new home is a very a very quiet environment as she does not handle too many people. She loves one on one company and can settle well, however, if there are even 3 or 4 people around this is too much for her.

MY SUITABILITY TO CHILDREN: Not suited to children

MY SUITABILITY TO CATS & DOGS: Gypsy tolerates other quiet, calm dogs, but she will need to be the only dog in the house.


DOB - OCT 2008 | Male | Staffy X Bull Mastiff

Hey my name is Kuda. I am an older gentleman and once you meet me you cannot help but fall in love. I am an easy going guy and I am simply looking for a relaxed home where I can retire, I just need someone who will love me, care for me and can take me out every day for a nice stroll. I am happiest just hanging out with humans getting some scratches and I will be the perfect house buddy, once you do not mind a little bit of slobber. If you feel you have a place in your home of a gentle giant then please enquire about me

MY ENERGY LEVEL + REQUIREMENTS: Kuda will require approx. a 30 minute walk daily and because he is older he should be walked at the cooler times to ensure he does not overheat in warm weather.

MY SUITABILITY TO CHILDREN: Dog-savvy older kids.

MY SUITABILITY TO CATS & DOGS: May be okay with other friendly dogs.

Sam and Mac 

Sam - DOB - FEB 2007 | Male | Maltese X Shih Tzu
Mac - DOB - JAN 2004 | Male | Maltese X Shih Tzu

Hey there we are Sam & Mac!
Sam is the white boy and Son of Mac.
We are a couple of friendly fluffy's looking for a quiet loving home where we can have lots of human companionship. We both enjoy pottering around with each other and absolutely love affection.
Sam & Mac will need some TLC to get them back to good condition, which will involve diet, moderate exercise and regular grooming so they can show off their lovely winter coats again.
These two are sure to warm the right household and make a great addition to the home.

MY ENERGY LEVEL + REQUIREMENTS: Sam & Mac will require approximately 30 mins of exercise daily. They will need part time / stay at home workers as they can be quite anxious when left alone. They will require regular grooming to ensure their coat are nice and matt free.
Sam & Mac will need to be on strict diets and regular exercise so they can lose weight / improve overall health & wellbeing.

MY SUITABILITY TO CHILDREN: Sam & Mac have not been around children much previously but may be suited to older teens in the home who can give them their own space.

MY SUITABILITY TO CATS & DOGS: Sam and Mac prefer the company of each other only.



DOB - MAY 2015 | Male | American Staffy X

Harriet is a beautiful 10-year-old female German Shepherd X. Harriet is a very sweet-natured lady and will be extremely loyal and affectionate to her lucky humans once she gets to know you. She can be a bit weary of strangers, so new human friends will need to be introduced slowly, but once she's had time to sniff you, she'll warm right up.
She's not interested in making doggy friends, however, she does greet dogs politely. She's just wanting a quiet child-free and dog-free home so she can relax and enjoy her new life. She loves spending time inside and we would like her to go to a home where she will have plenty of time inside.

MY ENERGY LEVEL + REQUIREMENTS: Harriet will require approximately a 30 minute walk daily, she loves having a good sniff of everything so a nice casual stroll would be best for her. She will do best with part time / stay at home workers, she will need time to settle in and needs to be kept inside the home when left alone

MY SUITABILITY TO CHILDREN: Harriet will be best in a quiet home without any children. She is an older girl and prefers the company of a select few.

MY SUITABILITY TO CATS & DOGS: Harriet needs a dog-free home. After she has settled in she may be okay to meet polite dogs.