Simba gets up to mischief

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Simba (Demeter) is doing so well since we adopted her in June 07. She's become part of our family and wins over everyone who meets her. We just love her cuddly nature and quirky personality, and she has heaps of energy which keeps us on our toes!

Simba gets up to mischief

Being part kelpie, Simba needs heaps of exercise, and we enjoy taking her out on walks twice a day. The afternoon walk is at a local fenced park where the neighbourhood dogs meet and play off-lead. She particularly loves Nissa, a German Pointer; and Jed, a border collie, who can run (almost) as fast as her!

She has also grown to love walks to the local Muzz Buzz coffee drive-in, where she's always given a dog biscuit by the staff while we buy our coffees.

Simba and my parent's white german shepherd, Kasper, get along fantastically well, which is a great relief, as they have minded her a few times while we have been away and Simba just loves all the attention she gets there (not to mention excited romps in the back yard with Kasper!) When we visit my parents we always take Simba over for a play. Simba and Kasper often hold each end of a pull toy and trot along together, side by side. Simba and Kasper even get into mischief together, like the time they took turns dive-bombing my parent's water bed when they had left the bedroom door open (luckily, no damage!)

Simba gets up to mischief

Thanks again for taking such good care of her and for excellent service to the animals and to the community. Trevor, thanks for your assistance in helping us meet Simba as we now can't imagine life without her.

Sharon, Alister, and Simba!

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