Simon deserves to sleep on someone's bed!

Posted by Nerilie Watson on 16 August 2012 | 4 Comments


We adopted Simon on 8th April.  When he first arrived, it took a few weeks for his confidence to grow.  He constantly had a worried look on his face.  We tried many things to get him to play or chew bones but he didn't seem to know what to do with them.  He behaved much much older than his two years.  However, it's amazing what a bit of time and reassurance can do because you wouldn't recognise that same dog now!


He LOVES to play with his many soft toys (froggy being his favourite!).  He loves to run down the beach and up and down the dunes and run away from the waves! Behaving like the two year old that he is.

When we adopted him, we were slightly worried about how he would bond with our free-range bunny rabbits - Shirley and Benny.  After much patience (from him and us) and training, he's now so well behaved around rabbits that even if we see a wild rabbit out on a walk the first thing he does is sit down!  Shirley and Benny now completely ignore Simon and he mostly ignores them too - finding a bone much more interesting!!


I remember one of the staff at the Dogs Refuge reading out the foster-carers comments and one of them was 'he deserves to sleep on someone's bed'.  Well, he certainly does deserve that and that's where he chooses to sleep on these cold nights - cuddling up with us in bed.  That worried look that he always had before has completely gone.  What a rewarding and devoted little fella he is - a real sweetheart.


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  • what a lovely story, and a lovely little dog! so glad his worried look has gone and he now has a chance to be happy x

    Posted by Emma, 03/09/2012 7:01pm (6 years ago)

  • Awww Super cute Simon is 1 lucky boy!! Thank you to you and the family for giving him time to adjust and all your commitment to the training too. Cuddles to Simon ,Shirley & Benny xx

    Posted by GPath, 26/08/2012 9:34am (6 years ago)

  • What a precious dog Simon is and what a wonderful new start to life you have given him. Thanks so much for loving and spoiling him, and for giving him that bed to sleep on.

    Posted by Belinda, 25/08/2012 12:10pm (6 years ago)

  • Lovely.

    Posted by Ali, 21/08/2012 5:17pm (6 years ago)

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