Small Dogs

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PLEASE NOTE* To adopt a dog from the Dogs' Refuge Home, you will need to have Permanent Residency or Citizenship.


DOB - DEC 2013 | Male | Jack Russell Terrier

Jasper is a sweet boy but he can be very unsure of new people and as a result will need to go to a quiet household with someone that is willing to commit to his training requirements. He is not a boy that enjoys cuddles and would prefer to relax on his own bed beside you instead of being smothered with affection. Jasper is super smart and although he is small he has plenty of energy to burn and will need an owner that is as equally as active as him. He is not to be re-homed with kids due to his fear and would better suit a quiet home with older person/s.

MY ENERGY LEVEL + REQUIREMENTS: Jasper will require approx. 2 x 30 minute walks daily and would ideally go to someone that is looking for a dog they can continue to do training with to keep him working which could be agility etc. In this case he could go to full time workers if his training needs are met. He is very unsure of new people and now has a learnt behaviour that when something is scary, he can nip and then go away, he can do this with strangers that come into the home. He will need consistent training in the home to get him used to strangers and for this reason his new owners must consult a trainer to come out to their house. This training will be on going and take quite some time to train him. This will be highly beneficial for not just Jasper but for the owners to have confidence and start his training from day one. Jasper would best suit part time workers to help him settle into the home and must get ongoing mental enrichment to ensure he does not become bored. Jasper enjoys the company of his humans but can be a little independent man at times.

MY SUITABILITY TO CHILDREN: No Children, no exceptions.



DOB - JUN 2015 | Male | Small Mixed Breed

Budgie is a polite young dog who is much in need of a home with owners who can guide him. He does not appear to have received training before and lacks in basic skills, walking on a lead etc although he is quite calm & well mannered. Budgie can be unsure so patient owners who can give him lots of time and encouragement while forming a strong bond is a must. He is a smart boy and learns things quickly, with the right owners Budgie will make a wonderful little companion.

MY ENERGY LEVEL + REQUIREMENTS: Budgie will require approximately 1 hour of exercised daily. He will need someone home most of the time so he can settle in and they can dedicate lots of time to training him. Budgie appears to be lacking basic obedience skills and he is not good with other dogs.

MY SUITABILITY TO CHILDREN: Budgie is only suited to older dog-savvy kids who are gentle.

MY SUITABILITY TO CATS & DOGS: Budgie is dog reactive and his new owners will need to manage this. Please call us for more information.



DOB - JAN 2016 | Male | Kelpie X

Pepe is a lively young boy who is eager to find a home where he can receive lots of guidance and TLC. He did not come to us in the best condition as you may tell from his skin and is lacking in basic obedience skills but he is a very friendly boy and will bond in time with his new human family.
Pepe will need an active lifestyle where he can receive lots of love, companionship and enjoy mental enrichment daily. He is a little ripper and once settled into the right home will make an amazing member of the household.

MY ENERGY LEVEL + REQUIREMENTS: Pepe will require approximately 1 hour of exercise daily. He will need mental enrichment such as being fed from kongs, toys to chew on / play with as well as training games with his new family. Pepe may take time to settle into his new home and will need someone home most of the time during this period. He lacks basic obedience and is strongly recommended to attend group classes, this may assist with his dog reactivity too. Pepe has some skin issues that will need to be discussed with our clinic department.

MY SUITABILITY TO CHILDREN: Pepe may suit children in the home as long as he is given time to settle with them without being overly handled.

MY SUITABILITY TO CATS & DOGS: Pepe will need to be the only dog in his home. He can become quite reactive to other dogs and will need slow introductions to new, calm and friendly dogs. He is not a dog for the dog park/beach etc.