Small Dogs

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DOB - JUNE 2014 | Female | Kelpie Cross (Small to Medium Mix)

Fenix is a shy but extremely sweet girl looking for a home where she can spend lots of time inside the home with her family. She can take time to warm up to new people but once she does Fenix will mosey over into your lap for belly rubs before crawling & rolling around on the floor in excitement. Fenix will need owners who can take her to obedience classes and further her skills as well as socialisation with new people & doggy friends! In the right family and with guidance, Fenix will make an extremely loving addition to the home.

She will need to go to part time / stay at home workers as she is very young, has shown stress on her own and will need time to settle into her new home.

MY ENERGY LEVEL: Fenix will require approximately 1 hour of exercise daily plus lots of companionship.

MY SUITABILITY TO CHILDREN: Fenix may suit older children (13yrs+) in the home who can give her space when required and read her body language. She can be fearful/shy with new people and lacks a lot of confidence when being petted / handled.

MY SUITABILITY TO CATS & DOGS: Appears to be dog social. Fenix will benefit from further socialisation with friendly dogs and she can lack confidence at times.

Mickey - Adopted

DOB - OCT 2015 | Male | JRT x Chihuahua

Hey I am Mickey. I am an extremely fearful guy and when I first came to the refuge I would not approach anyone! I have been slowly improving, I have a couple of people that I really adore now and I am slowly meeting more and more. My dream home is one that is quiet with older kids only and someone that is home more often than not as I am going to be terrified at the beginning. I am going to need training and a lot of guidance so please only ask about me if you think that sounds like your lifestyle.

MY ENERGY LEVEL: Mickey will require a short 30 min walk daily however he needs to form a bond with owner before going out and has no experience on lead. Ideally he needs experienced, committed dog owners.

MY SUITABILITY TO CHILDREN: Suit a home with older teens or adult only home due to his fear levels. Can be discussed.

MY SUITABILITY TO CATS & DOGS: Mickey appears to be dog social but he is lacking socialisation and is not sure what to do when he is around them.

Lucca - In Foster

DOB - JUNE 2015 | Male | Small Mixed Breed

Lucca is a friendly, energetic young boy looking for a home with owners who can guide him and give him the training he needs. He has had a tough start being left to his own devices for long periods and requires owners willing to commit to his doggy socialisation and training. Lucca is full of energy so will suit active owners and will thrive once given lots of activity & mental enrichment daily. Lucca has a lot to learn but in the right home is sure to grow into a loving, social, loyal companion.

MY ENERGY LEVEL Lucca will require approximately 2 x 45 minute walks per day plus lots of mental enrichment such as kongs, treat dispensing toys and chew toys, especially if he is to be left alone. At this stage Lucca will need to go to part time or stay at home workers as he is quite vocal when bored and will need lots of exercise and training to help him develop.

MY SUITABILITY TO CHILDREN: Lucca can only be homed with children 13yrs+ or an adult only home. He needs to be supervised around small children.

MY SUITABILITY TO CATS & DOGS: Lucca is quite reactive to dogs at the moment - he will lunge, bark and growl when he sees them. At present he will need to be kept away from dogs until he relaxes in his home and can be slowly introduced to them again with calm on lead parallel walking.