Sue gets her 'fur fix' with our hounds

Posted by Nerilie Watson on 29 June 2011 | 1 Comments

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My reasons for volunteering at Shenton Park Dogs Home are in many ways pretty selfish ones. I have always loved dogs and would love to have one of my own but I live in an apartment complex which unfortunately does not allow pets. I also travel overseas rather a lot which makes dog ownership rather difficult. By helping out at the Refuge I get a regular “fur fix”, I meet lots of gorgeous hounds, I feel that I am helping them put their best paw forward to prospective adopters and I get plenty of exercise into the bargain.

As a vollie you get good training with regular updates and fantastic support from our volunteer coordinator, trainers, refuge staff and of course other vollies. You start your dog walking career with the “easy to handle hounds” and as you gain confidence you get additional training to effectively manage those with a bit more muscle and slightly fewer manners. We only use positive reinforcement which rewards dogs for doing the right thing rather than punishing them for getting it wrong. The skills you gain are very valuable in understanding dog behaviour and helping you work with them more effectively, which I find very satisfying.

All the people you encounter at Shenton Park share a love of dogs and everyone is working towards the goal of getting the dogs a forever home with a new family. If you love dogs and can spare a few hours a week you should try being a vollie. You will be joining a great crew and the dogs will most certainly let you know how happy they are to see you.


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  • You and all the vollies do a terrific job!
    Thank you so much from all the dog lovers and especially the dogs in the refuge who spend so much time waiting for their chance to be loved and given a forever home.

    Posted by Jane, 01/07/2011 11:51pm (7 years ago)

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