Sulzer has a face only a mother could love

Posted by Nerilie Watson on 7 September 2010 | 3 Comments


Watch out, it’s a werewolf!… That dog is soo ugly!…It’s SO skinny… What is it?... looks like it needs a good feed.  That’s the usual lines you over hear about our beautiful Refuge dog… it’s hard not to react like a mother when you hear it… only sometimes do you get ‘oh… she’s so beautiful.’

Sulzer on her way home

Sulzer came into our lives as a birthday present for my then 6 year old daughter. I had been visiting the Shenton Dog Home looking for the next member of our family. There were so many of them… but then I saw her. When I took my daughter to see her… a naughty special day off school… she took a bit of persuading. Not a puppy, not pretty, in fact the dog looked a bit worn out.  But for me, it was love a first sight.

Remember Greengrass and his dog from when Heartbeat was on the ABC all those decades ago. One of my favourite Golden Books was about the Great Dane and the daschand. Long, lean, lanky and hairy was my dream, and there she was. One of 6 dumped on the side of the road somewhere, then rescued from the Refuge.

She was called Tulsa at the Refuge, my little girl couldn’t say it, so she became Sulzer.  She is the most loved dog in the world. Tall, fast, graceful, lazy, gentle, regal, patient, kind, liquid and loving. A walk doesn’t go by without people coming up and asking about her or expressing astonishment about her grace and speed. She gets mistaken for a wolf hound, hairy grey hound or an irish setter

Sulzer on her way home

Watching her chase the maggies and chickens away from her food… catching her trying to sneak onto the kids beds, and letting her get away with it. Taking her everywhere in the car cause you can’t stand the sad look in her eyes when you try and tell her she has to stay home. People assume because she’s big, she’s hard work. Nothing could be further from the truth, it is those little dogs that are demanding. 

We can’t imagine life without her and can’t imagine why anyone would dump her and her siblings on the side of a road.  We hope the others also found good homes.

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  • Such a lovely animal. The next dog i get will deffinatly be from the Shenton dog home, i couldnt even consider getting one from anywhere else.

    Posted by Charlie, 28/09/2010 8:53pm (8 years ago)

  • To me, honestly, this is a gorgeous dog. I can understand why you would be so protective of her.
    You have given this dog so much love, you are so special.
    I look at the Shenton Park website every day and wonder why these beautiful creatures are still waiting.
    By the way, Heartbeat was one of my favourites.

    Posted by Jackie Varischetti, 10/09/2010 11:57am (8 years ago)

  • Sulzer is very regal in her stance. How lucky she is to find someone who looked beyond her outward appearance and saw a fine family dog.

    Posted by Judith, 08/09/2010 5:31pm (8 years ago)

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