Sunny lights up the lives of her new family

Posted by Nerilie Watson on 22 December 2010 | 4 Comments


We lost our beloved labrador / ridgeback cross, Sandy (aged 16 years) in November and we were devastated. She was much loved.But we knew we would have love to give to another dog.... so after looking for weeks and weeks for just the right one.... we visited Shenton last Saturday.

Sunny is a completely different dog to Sandy but we connected to her straight away.


It's day two since we brought our Sunny home. Can't believe she'd been at Shenton since July10 and no-one else adopted her! It was as if she was waiting for us. She's loving us, our home on half an acre in the hills and is already part of the family - we love her already! She hasn't barked at all - except once when she 'met' the cat next door.

The staff at Shenton gave us lots of tips and she has been just perfect, settling in so well, loves her bed and having her old 'hamburger' toy.

We look forward to the years ahead.

 A very happy Christmas to all.

Anthony, Julie and Sunny

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  • Go Sunny x
    Emma from the Refuge

    Posted by Emma, 22/01/2011 8:01pm (8 years ago)

  • Such great people to have reached into their hearts and found more love to give.
    Sunny has it all!

    Posted by John, 05/01/2011 3:47pm (8 years ago)

  • So good to know that you still had lots of love to give another dog even after losing your beloved Sandy.
    Sunny is so very lucky to have you - such lovely people.

    Posted by Leah, 27/12/2010 7:07pm (8 years ago)

  • Oh beautiful Sunny, so glad you have found a loving home. I will miss our cuddles, you can now relax and enjoy the life you deserve. I will be thinking of you. Lynda

    Posted by Lynda, 23/12/2010 1:36am (8 years ago)

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