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Posted by Nerilie Watson on 21 June 2011 | 3 Comments


We just wanted to update you on Lexie’s (formally Sybil) progress since her adoption on April 5th.  She has settled in marvellously and we couldn’t be more smitten with her if we tried.  Our smoochy girl is spoilt absolutely rotten and a much-loved addition to our family. Her two feline brothers were not overly keen on the idea at first but have now fully accepted her as a family member and often hang in the garden with her.  Hendrix especially likes to share her food and her bed and will quite often swat her as she walks past.  She has been extremely gentle with them despite her size and really wants to play with them.


She is still hugely food motivated and mark often jokes that I put more effort into her meals than I do ours.  She loves chicken wings, peanut butter kongs, pigs ears, marrow bones and raw eggs and we have started giving her fish oil tabs with her dinner to protect her joints which she eats really willingly.

Lexie is still very much a puppy at heart and absolutely loves her toys.  We often take her into city farmers and let her choose her own.  Her absolute favourite is stuffed toys, especially ones that squeak.  The girl literally goes weak at the knees in the fluffy toy aisle. But they don’t last long as you can imagine...except for Sharky.  He is treated like royalty and isn’t torn apart or shaken to pieces but is carried ever so gently around the house almost like he’s her puppy and very tenderly placed into her bed and cuddled.  She is also completely enamoured by the hose which makes exercising, bathing and watering the plants an easy chore.


Lexie has two beds, her snooza for outside during the day and a soft cuddly one topped with sheepskin (she choose that too) for inside.  She sleeps in the bedroom next to Mark and often wakes us up snoring life a steam train or with her very vocal doggie dreams.

Her training has come along brilliantly.  She has now perfected sit, drop, stay, shake, roll over and target.  She also waits for the ok before starting her dinner, coming through doors and getting in the car.  Her lead training took a great deal of work in the early days as she pulled like a Mac truck and very nearly tore arms out of sockets with her 40kg bulk! But with the aid of a sporn harness and lots of patience and liver treats she is now amazing on lead and knows to sit and wait at roads and happily strolls along beside us.

We are lucky enough to live a short walk away from St James Mitchell park in south Perth that has 2 brilliant off lead area’s which we take Lex to at least once if not twice a day.  She has only recently been able to go off lead because at first she had absolutely no recall and was in heat but now she has settled and has had the ‘snip’ she has a brilliant time tearing around the park in those big puppy bounds of hers and often engages us in games of hide and seek and tug o war. She adores playing in the river and will splash around for hours at time amusing herself biting and the splashes she makes.

Lexie is absolutely amazing with other dogs, not once has she shown any sign of dog aggression the trainers were worried about in any situations, i


n actual fact she LOVES other dogs and will often entice then into games with exuberant play bounding and big bum wags.  She is especially good with puppies and small dogs and will lie down and let them crawl all over her and doesn’t mind when they get up in her face.  We took her to the million paws walk which she enjoyed immensely and was so worn out after all the play time she had that she fell asleep when we got home at 2pm and slept right through to the next morning.

Other than the park on Sundays we take her to the Cottesloe doggie beach where she gets to chase dads stunt kite around followed by fish and chips watching the sunset, she even gets her own piece of grilled fish. She was terrified of waves at first but is slowly getting better with a lot of coaxing and reassurance.


Lexie is a little bit of a klutz and is forever bumping into things, knocking things over and tripping on her own feet and of late falling into pools.  Recently she has a bit of a spill in the park which has led to some interesting problems with her hock but we are well on the way to recovery and should be back down the park in a few weeks.

She is also brilliant with kids. She was introduced to our two nieces (2 & 4) soon after she arrived.  The older girl Maddy was terrified of dogs so we just had Lex lie down and wait for Mad to come to her.  It took about ½ an hour before Maddy was happily patting and talking to Lex who was so gentle it melted your heart.

So I guess we just wanted to thank you all at the shelter for taking such great care of our gorgeous girl before she chose us.  We absolutely adore her; she is the most amazing animal and still can’t understand how such a beautiful girl came to be in her situations.  She is an absolute sweetheart with the kindest nature. I think sometimes she forgets her size as she often will butt her head under your arm for pats or comes up for full body snuggles, which has resulted in an alarming number of upended coffee cups.  She just loves to be near us, whether it’s in the lounge watching TV or watching cyclist got past in the park as long as she’s within ear scratching range.


Lexie makes friends absolutely every where she goes, we often go inside a store for a minute and come out and find her on her back getting her belly scratched by complete strangers.  Her big happy Rottie smile just turns you’re to putty and the whole body wag and cuddles when you’re come home is the most fantastic greeting you can imagine.

We are really looking forward to adopting her a little brother or sister from dog’s refuge home in the future and I urge anyone thinking of getting a dog to do the same.  Our pound hound is the light of our lives and we can’t imagine life without her.  Thank you again to the refuge home for your tireless work and dedication to finding wonderful dogs like Lexie there forever homes.  Because of your commitment you make all these amazing success stories possible.


Kindest regards,

Mark, Kristyn and Lexie

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  • Lexie is such a beautiful specimen of a dog.
    What a fantasic life you have given her, I couldn't imagine that she would want for anything.
    Thanks for adopting her and loving her.

    Posted by Leah, 25/06/2011 9:15pm (7 years ago)

  • Go Sybil.

    Such a lovely smoochy girl!

    Posted by Melanie Yarnall, 22/06/2011 7:34pm (7 years ago)

  • What a fabulous story and a fabulous dog! To see such a happy ending makes everything worthwhile.

    Posted by karen from the Home, 22/06/2011 1:16am (7 years ago)

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