The perfect guest...finds the perfect home

Posted by Nerilie Watson on 3 August 2012 | 7 Comments


Hi! I’m Spot and I live with my mum, Dot. She spotted me at the refuge where I used to live. I think she took a liking to me, and after a while she started taking home for sleepovers.  I was the perfect guest and not long after, she decided that I could with her forever.


I love it here and we go for walks every day, sometimes even twice a day! She feeds me so well and I even have two beds , one next to mum’s bed and the other in the garage, with the radio on, when she goes out.

Being the sociable boy that I am, I’ve made lots of friends, down at our local park, though at times, I enjoy chasing them away. Oh, and then there’s my neighbour Cheech , who sleeps over when his owners are on holiday. Anyone would think he owned the place! He steals my toys, food, and the cheek of the mutt, even sleeps on mum’s bed!! I’m always glad when he goes home.

There’s also Miss ‘Bossy boots’ Gypsy who sleeps over sometimes. She hogs my toys and when I try to get them back, she snaps and barks at me!!! Even though she’s smaller than me, I don’t argue with her, I just give in and let her have them...(Toy psychology 101 ☺)..she doesn’t take them home, so it’s all good.

I’ve made lots of human friends too..we sometimes go over to their place for visits. Car rides are my favourite thing in the world..AAAhhhhh life is good.

Licks and hi-fives,            


A note from my mum:

Spot has been a delight to have around the house. I’ve discovered that he is quite intelligent and makes me laugh at some of his antics..and raise an eye brow at his mischievous moments too. Although he’s not overly affectionate, he does love a cuddle when it suits him...MM. ☺

Mum Dot

DRH Volunteer

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  • hi dot i am so glad you adopted spot he really does adore you a lot he loves to go for awalk and loves to listen to us talk he also likes to jump in the grass that litte spot is full ov class

    Posted by dor, 13/08/2012 5:51pm (6 years ago)

  • hi dot i so glad u adopted spot we all know he adores you alot and as you know he loves to come along for awalk especialy just to hear us talk xo

    Posted by dor, 13/08/2012 5:12pm (6 years ago)

  • Oh Dot I remember talking to you at the shelter one day, and you were a bit nervous because somebody had asked to look at Spot. I'm so glad you took him in, and he certainly looks just as happy!

    Posted by Jess, 06/08/2012 8:29pm (6 years ago)

  • Wow ... a photo of Spot not jumping! What a team ... Dot and Spot!

    Posted by Linda, 06/08/2012 6:17pm (6 years ago)

  • How wonderful to hear about your new life Spot. It must be so good to have a home all of your very own (even if you have to share sometimes).
    Bet Dot would have "spotted" you Spot no matter what.

    Posted by Terri Vincent (vollie), 06/08/2012 11:26am (6 years ago)

  • i sooo luv a happy story and obviously a great pairing! onya Dot and Spot!

    Posted by Nat Spooner, 05/08/2012 6:54pm (6 years ago)

  • Dot, finally I see a picture of Spot and see a story of his forever home. He looks an absolute poppet and so settled with you. Thanks for letting us know.

    Posted by Ali, 04/08/2012 11:06pm (6 years ago)

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