The Perfect Match

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"Five years ago this week, I came to the Refuge looking to adopt a dog. I have always had family dogs growing up but had been living out of home for a while and it had been 12 months since my childhood jack russel passed away. I was working across the road at Cat Haven so it seemed the logical place to go to adopt. I came in with no preconceived ideas whatsoever of what I was looking for.

I could have chosen a chihuahua or a mastiff, I just wanted a friendly dog who (most important criteria!) would be okay with my many cats and foster cats. Initially I had big plans to visit different pounds and shelters, take photos and compile lists of pros and cons for any dogs who caught my eye. Of course that didn't happen because after about 10 minutes of browsing around your dogs for adoption, I spotted "Charles" a beagle mix who sat patiently at the front of his kennel. He didn't look especially afraid. He was simply waiting. We kept looking, but his face stayed with me as I walked around with the friend who had joined me. A feisty little jack russell who reminded me of my previous dog also drew my attention so I came inside, out of a persistent drizzling rain that had set in, and asked to get to meet those 2 dogs. Further discussion and the completion of the questionnaire showed that the JR was not cat social and wouldn't be suitable, so that left "Charles." One of the staff brought him out and I just fell in love. In all honesty he wasn't THAT interested in me, he was just happy to be out and about and sniffing. But I loved him. We needed to arrange rental approval and a cat test so I put him on hold and went home.

The next day I brought one of my cats to visit, in a carrier. We set it down on a table and "Charles" wandered over casually for a sniff. Tracy the trainer leapt about 3 feet in the air when Kismat hurled herself from one end of the carrier to the other, hissing and spitting. The dog looked at her, seemed to raise his eyebrows a little as if to say "what is your problem?" and went about his business of trying to sniff out anything edible. Cat test - passed. Fortunately I was renting my parent's property so getting rental approval wasn't too hard and that was organised shortly. At that stage I was working full time with Tuesday and Wednesday as my days off, so I arranged to come back and collect him Monday afternoon. I was beside myself with excitement.

I renamed "Charles" to Tenji (he was a stray picked up from Wanneroo pound so he didn't know his name at all). Tenji roughly translates to "A royal gift" or "a gift from heaven," I'm not religious but nothing could have described him more accurately. He brightened up my life and has been a constant companion through 5 long years. We attended training classes shortly after I adopted him and he passed with flying colours, the trainer said he was the best behaved beagle she had ever known. I said I was just lucky. He is hell-bent on eating anything he can and we have had several incidents, the most significant one involved Tenji consuming almost an entire pair of flannelette pyjama pants. That required some $4,000 worth of surgery to remove flannel pieces from the whole length of his digestive tract. He has also ruptured both of his cruciate ligaments and has on-going allergy problems. But we love him to bits and would do anything for him.

I must have asked the question 100 times - why did his owners not claim him when he ended up at the pound?? I was told he was already castrated, so had obviously belonged to someone. But their loss has truly been my gain as he is simply the most wonderful natured dog you could ever hope for. Everyone loves Tenj. He's so mellow and friendly and just generally perfect. I was single when I adopted him and when I started seeing my now-fiancee in 2012 Tenji did not entirely take kindly to having to share me, or the bed. But now he and my partner Logan are best of friends smile emoticon
We moved to Northam and Teni now has 1/3 of an acre to run around on. We live minutes from the river (Tenji loves to swim) and we walk at least 4kms every day, usually 2 walks daily.
Tenji seems to be ageing rapidly this pat year. He was estimated at 2 years when I adopted him which would make him 7 now, but myself and a couple of vets feel that he is probably closer to 9 or 10. He is slowing down on walks and getting even lazier. But we know that he has lots and lots of time left with us and we intend to enjoy every moment."







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  • Another wonderful ending. Lovely people and lucky Tenji and pussycats!

    Posted by Jen Harwood, 18/12/2015 10:06pm (3 years ago)

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