There's nothing like a dog's unconditional love

Posted by Nerilie Watson on 14 July 2011 | 3 Comments

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One our vollies, Florence, loves dogs just as much as we do and shares why she chose to volunteer at the Refuge.

Refuge dogs give such unconditional love

Florence and Rusty

Over the last few years, a lot of people have asked me to house sit and look after their pets (cats, dogs and even a snake called Loulou!). A friend of mine told me about the Refuge, so I decided to get involved. The dogs there often take a while to warm up, but once they do - no matter their personality - I find that they all want your approval and to please you. That is when you see their unconditional love and nothing beats the connection between a human and a dog. And to give some of your time to a dog is worth everything - especially when you see them head off to their new, loving home.

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  • What a beautiful photo! I am a vollie too and love it so much that I go any spare time I have. Rusty quickly became a favorite of mine(I know we shouldnt have favs..but!)and even tried to foster him to give him a break,but my pooch was a bit jealous and it didnt work out. But now he has been adopted,by another vollie,and im so glad he is getting as much love as he gives.I miss him but there are so many beautiful dogs I love just as much and hope to bring them a little joy by helping out.

    Posted by Andrea McSevich, 02/08/2011 12:34am (7 years ago)

  • You are one of the special people who play such a huge part in the lives of these beautiful dogs waiting to be adopted, and shown what it feels like to be loved and accepted.
    I have two rescue dogs and I look after my son's dog Cooper when he's at work.Cooper is also a Shenton Park dog. I love them dearly and wouldn't part with them, even if I had to live in a tent, and eat toast and vegemite.

    Posted by Jackie, 17/07/2011 7:10pm (7 years ago)

  • aw, great photo of you and my boy Rusty! he's lying by my side right now! sooo want him to be adopted, he's such a lovely boy.

    Posted by Nat, 15/07/2011 9:38pm (7 years ago)

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