Third time lucky for Simba

Posted by Nerilie Watson on 18 July 2012 | 2 Comments


After going through the pain of euthanizing our last dog Jack (A Dalmatian cross German Short Haired Pointer that we had for 15 years) the family wanted to find a way to help the canine community as a whole.


We started by fostering 2 Maltese terriers (Sheena and Sian) for 2 weeks from Shenton Park Dog Refuge and enjoyed the experience so much we went into foster a new dog called Roxy (a Wolfhound cross). Roxy spent most of her time avoiding us in the house and did not show improvement in the 6 weeks we kept her. It was clear she was afraid of us. Luckily she found a home in Albany and we picked up our next foster dog Tolomon.

Tolomon greeted us enthusiastically every time we came home, sat on command, shook our hand, dropped on command, was toilet trained, did not whine when locked up or left in front of a store, never started dog fights and generally impressed us so much that we decided to adopt him.

Tolomon did not respond to his name was we renamed him Simba. Aside from jumping our 5 foot gate 3 times he has been everything we could want in a new dog. We look forward to many more playful years with Simba in our family.



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  • Simba looks so relaxed in his new home,
    sounds like he should be in the Olymoics
    with his high jumping skills but I hope he
    quickly learns he is better of staying inside
    the gate with his lovely family :)

    Posted by shan, 27/07/2012 6:13pm (6 years ago)

  • Thanks for sharing your news, it's great to find out how the dogs are going.

    Posted by Linda, 24/07/2012 10:07pm (6 years ago)

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