Tily Rose is not frightened any more

Posted by Karen Rhodes on 9 June 2009 | 1 Comments


Hi Everyone! Just dropping a line to let you all know how I am. Georgie, when she picked me up, bought a little squeaker toy and I love playing with it. She hides it and I look for it and get excited when I find it. This seems to make her happy too.

Tily Rose

I lost it once when I tossed it too high and it went behind the gas fire. Georgie is clever though because when I stared at her and pointed with my nose backwards and forwards she guessed I was trying to tell her something so she got up and looked behind the fireplace and got it back for me.

Another time the storm frightened me and I got stuck behind the fridge but I was rescued. I now sleep on her bed and so don't need to be frightened any more.

I love my walks (lots of smells). Georgie takes me on an extender lead so I walk two blocks to her one. I am ready for food when I come home. Lucky the cat and I are now friends and I am happy.

Love, Tilly Rose

PS. Georgie says thank you for finding her the most perfect little dog that she loves very much.

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  • Love you Tilly Rose! Emma

    Posted by Emma , 03/10/2009 1:10am (9 years ago)

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