Timmy's master of his own courtyard

Posted by Nerilie Watson on 9 November 2011 | 2 Comments


It's been over a year since I got adopted and life couldn't be better!


The courtyard has become my domain, with my kennel, toys and pet grass which I love to sit on to chew my bones.  I love to go walking with my Mum, especially around the Swan River, I've become quite the swimmer as well! I love going for car trips to visit my friend Trixie-she has a huge yard for me to explore.  

When I'm not walking or chewing my toys I love to following my Mum around the house so that she'll scratch my belly!

My Mum thinks I'm the best dog in the whole world, and loves me to bits! She honestly couldn't imagine life without me now!

Love from Timmy


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  • Car rides. swimming, walks, chewy toys and belly rubs - whose the spoilt boy?
    Good on you Timmy!

    Posted by Jason, 14/11/2011 6:14pm (7 years ago)

  • Thanks for letting us know about your great new life Timmy. It is great knowing that you have a lovely new home and a mum who loves you lots.

    Posted by Kerry, 11/11/2011 5:34pm (7 years ago)

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