Two successes and an RIP

Posted by Nerilie Watson on 27 June 2012 | 14 Comments


I have been meaning to write in to let you know how two of your former residents settled in to our family but I never seemed to get around to it... so here it is, some years late! I have made up a bit of a montage of pictures so I hope these come through alright.


On Valentine's Day 2009 my three kids and I came to adopt a dog, having lost our old dog (another ex-resident of yours) a year or so earlier. We were told that 'Frodo,' a beautiful brindle Staffy, was the only dog currently in the refuge at that time who was guaranteed good with kids. I wasn't convinced I wanted him, becuase he reminded me so much of our other dog who I loved so much, and I thought I would make unfair comparisons. So I said we would sleep on it and started to drive us home. Well, luckily my eldest daughter recognised his greatness and began at me with a list of reasons why we should have him, which was so successful I turned around half-way home, and came all the way back to get him. We re-named him Mojo which seemed to suit him much better, and he became a precious member of our family right from the get-go. He was a loving, friendly, boofy mate for the kids, very gentle and tolerant of their 'tough love'; and he was a loyal friend to me. We all loved him very much, and so we were very worried when he seemed to be getting more and more anxious and clingy, about 18 months after he'd come to live with us.


After a bit of Google research, I decided he needed another doggy friend to share the family with, and so after a chat with the Refuge's foster carer Ruth we all came to meet 'Minnie', a 6 month old Jack Russell cross who'd been found injured with a damaged leg. Mojo loved her as soon as he met her, and within 5 minutes of meeting each other they were playing together like old friends. I could not believe she was still available, as she was such a fabulous little dog, and was told that because she had an injury people would think she would be too high maintenance. We had no hesitations, and took her home that day. We re-named her Lily and she hit our lives like a mini rocket! She dragged Mojo right out of his anxiety and forced him to start enjoying himself, and she made instant friends with absolutely everyone who had anything to do with us. She still makes new friends every time we go anywhere; and she is such a happy little girl who has filled our lives with fun. For the record, her damaged leg has given her no trouble at all and it definately does not slow her down!


Mojo and Lily became great friends and were the perfect compliment to each other: Mojo the calm, dependable, loving type, against Lily's exuberant, excitable, fun-time girl. They played for hours together every day, and not once have they ever had a fight. They drew compliments everywhere we went; and I believed I had the best pair of dogs anyone could ever have.

Then about 4 weeks ago, Mojo started to get sick. He went off his food, didn't play so much, and started to slow down. We headed off to the vet's where he had a series of tests, x-rays, medications and treatments. Unfortunately none of this could fix the cancer that he had, and last week my beautiful, beautiful boy died - very peacefully and happily in my arms. It is so sad, but my only regret is that my family and I didn't get to spend longer with this amazing dog. He truly was my Valentine, as not one single day went past that he didn't let me know how much he loved me.


Lily and the kids and I are adjusting to life without Mojo, and even though the kids want to get another doggy friend for Lily straight away I will wait a while to let our hearts heal. But rest assured that when we do feel the time is right, we will be paying another visit to the Dog's Home, because as far as I'm concerned the dogs that come from you are the best dogs anyone could ever want :)

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  • That was a wonderful story, thank you for sharing. :)

    Posted by Tyler, 28/06/2012 4:42pm (6 years ago)

  • Oh such a lovely story...I'm so sorry you had to say goodbye to your doggie, we just had to do the same to our 16 year old staffy, I still have one staffy here - she looks exactly like Mojo and she is really pining. I'm trying to work up the courage to get another doggie and my first point of call will be Shenton Park. I hope your doggie is in rainbow heaven with mine playing and having fun as they should.


    Posted by Alison16, 28/06/2012 4:25pm (6 years ago)

  • Frodo looks like such an adorable boy, so sorry you have lost him, however, what a wonderful and loving life you showed him. Lily would also miss him terribly. Thanks for being the special people you are.

    Posted by Leah, 28/06/2012 3:31pm (6 years ago)

  • We've undergone the loss of a beloved pet dog and nothing can ever compare to the deep hurt that never quite goes away. We pray for you all to heal. Sincere kindness from our hearts

    Posted by Ceci, 27/06/2012 7:42pm (6 years ago)

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