Tyson likes a cuddle

Posted by Henrik Madsen on 10 June 2009 | 0 Comments


I have the most beautiful dog. Thank you so much to the staff at the Dogs' Refuge Home! I set out looking for a companion and I now have, after nearly a year, the most beautiful dog!


Tyson is energetic and loves to walk, play and follow me everywhere I go. He also has a great bark which sounds threatening ... and when there are visitors he runs to the gate and then back to get me (brilliant!).

We spent some time at dog training to work through a small problem of jumping up on people ... but Tyson was a fast learner and will do anything for a treat!

Tyson loves to go to the beach to run, swim and play with the other dogs ...loves to play fetch ... get brushed ... and he also likes a cuddle on your lap!

Thank you again to all the staff and volunteers at the Dogs' Refuge Home you do an amazing job.

Lisa & Tyson

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