Vinnie loves his TV

Posted by Nerilie Watson on 13 December 2013 | 3 Comments


I brought former resident Vinnie who was adopted by my Mum and Dad down to the shelter for Santa Paws on the weekend.


One of the volunteers that greeted us mentioned that she was going to tell some of the others he was there so I just wanted to write to apologise if they came down to see him as our outing was cut quite short.  I thought he would cope with the other dogs ok as the previous night we went to a Christmas BBQ by the obedience club he is going to and he handled the other dogs there quite well.  However, walking up to the shelter and as we entered he was barking and pulling quite a lot at the other dogs and as we were walking towards the Santa Paws area he actually pulled so hard towards one dog that he took me for a ride along the ground with him!  Since he was getting quite boisterous I thought it would be best to take him home.

He has settled into the family really well and loves his cuddles, games and swims in the pool.  He has nearly finished his beginners dog training and obedience classes, which he is doing really well in and even got called ‘teacher’s pet’ by another owner as he is usually the one asked to demonstrate the tasks.  A favourite activity he has recently taken up is watching TV!  Mum put Red Dog on one day and ever since then certain pictures and sounds on the TV have caught his interest and he walks up and sits in front of the TV watching it closely.


He is just such a lovely dog and we can’t imagine life without him.  Will try and bring him up one day to say hi.

Hope you have a lovely Christmas.

From Charlene

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  • I'm sorry I didn't see you guys last weekend but I loved the photos and know he is loved - I was the vollie who took him to the royal show and introduced your parents to Vinnie, a beautiful beginning! Hope to see you all next time, I'm in on Thursdays! Dani McKenna x

    Posted by Dani McKenna, 14/12/2013 1:37am (5 years ago)

  • lovely to hear how Vinnie is going! and glad he is loving his new life. my boy Rusty is the same when he goes to the refuge. he barks and carries on like a pork chop.... no-one believes how well behaved he is at home and everywhere else... i think it's part stress from memory of the kennel and part excitement from memory of the people

    Posted by Natalie Spooner, 13/12/2013 11:44pm (5 years ago)

  • Happy to hear how Vinnie is going!
    (Some dogs are not happy coming back to the refuge).

    Posted by Ali, 13/12/2013 4:24pm (5 years ago)

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