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Posted by Nerilie Watson on 19 August 2010 | 0 Comments


I have been a volunteer at the refuge for a very short period of time since early July 2010.

After working full time for 40 years in my business with my husband and in Administration/Finance at Qantas and various other organisations I retired 3 years ago to spend time with my 4 grandchildren.  I always had in the back of my mind I would like to volunteer to walk the dogs at the Refuge but have not been unable to do so until now.

I passed my induction course and received my white badge which I proudly wore for my first day at the Refuge.  I saw first hand the sadness on the dog’s faces as I walked up and down working out which one I was going to walk first.  Their little noses poking out through the bars sniffing to see if I had a treat to offer.  Some barked frantically while others sat there quietly waiting to see what I was going to do.  What a dilemma I was in - which one would I pick as they all wanted to be first!!!

Each dog has ½ hour of your time walking around the complex on a long lead so it can sniff all those smells that dogs like to do, and a play off the lead to catch ball or just sit down and have a cuddle one on one which they miss.

I have now had an extra hours training and can walk the white and yellow labelled dogs off the premises which must be great for them to sniff the big wide world out of the gate.  Shortly, I will be bringing home and cooking up meat which has been donated to the Refuge, kong’s need filling, chocolates to sell the list goes on – WE NEED YOUR HELP!

The staff and volunteers at the Refuge are very friendly we are all there for the same reason - to do our best for the dogs.  For whatever reason they have been left at the home, the number one priority is their care and finding them a loving home to go to.

Do I have a favourite!!  No, how can I? They are all so special in their own unique way.  If you love dogs and have some spare time, please come and volunteer you won’t regret it, it is very rewarding.

Gail Neindorf


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