Water is cute Teddy's big problem

Posted by Henrik Madsen on 9 June 2009 | 2 Comments


Hello Everyone. My Mum said it was time I sent you a note to tell you how I have been getting on since I left you all at the beginning of September...especially after what I did TODAY, she said.

When I first saw my Mum she was walking past the kennels with my new Dad and I put my head against the wire. Mum didn’t know she wasn’t supposed to touch me so she scratched me under my chin through the wire. I loved it and hoped she did too. She did! Yipee!


After I met all the family and played a game with them and all the arrangements were made I came home in Mums car with her and my new Uncle. I spent the whole trip imprinting her image on my mind.

Then I did a big ooooooops.

The first thing I did when we arrived home was a big jump into the family fish pond and out again. I thought it was a play pool like we had at Shenton Park.

Mum seemed cross and I forgot a couple more times before I stopped doing that. I didn’t ever hurt any fish luckily.... they ducked. I had to learn about the garden too..... I love holes, but Mum doesn’t very much. Now Mum has the front garden to herself and the bits of the back garden that show and I have the bits of the back garden that people don’t see to bury my toys and bones and biscuits in.

I had a bit of trouble trying to bury my Frisbee though because it was so wide, wider than me. It’s a good plan, except the biscuits never seem to be there when I try to dig them up. Mum says they disintegrate (which is a very big word and I think it means they fly away).

I am still a bit scared of the dark at night, so my family take me outside before they go to bed. I think they understand that I must have had a very big fright one night when I was lost so they don’t mind.

We have a swimming pool and I am allowed in it when people are there to supervise me. I fell in once when I was chasing a ball and I cut the corner. Another ooooooops . I am more careful now. We go for walks and in the car to visit friends with other dogs. Sometimes human friends bring doggy friends here for me to play with. The very, very, very best fun of all is the beach. There are all sorts of dogs there to play with and my Dad throws my ball into the water for me to fetch. I am good at that but I tease him and don’t quite give it back. I put it down on the sand and guard it... then we try to beat each other at picking it up so he can throw it again for me to fetch. We run in the sand and the little waves (‘cos I am a little dog).

Water is my big problem. TODAY, Mum and Dad were looking at gardens for a place that would be good for a wedding. They wanted me to tell them what I thought so I went with them. The first place we went to was Queen's Gardens and it was beautiful. I looked at the water and just had to jump in to see all the things..... the tadpoles, the frogs, the turtles, the algae and the ducks. It was so exciting and it smelled horrible just the way I like it but I was on my lead and Dad made me swim back to him and get out. We had to get into the car to go to the next place and Mum and Dad said I smelled like a lake and the car was all wet and they couldn’t stop laughing even though they tried to be cross and tell me off while they tried to dry me.

I am so lucky, because Mum and Dad and my Uncle love me so much and I love them and they say I am very well trained. I have three separate beds, one outside in the cool, one in the family room where the family spend a lot of time and one in the front room which is the best room in the house. I sleep on my Uncle's bed when no one is looking and sometimes even on Mum and Dads bed after Dad has gone to work (but that is a secret).

Thank you for looking after me when I was at the home and for making me better when I was sick. I hope all my Shenton Park friends find a home as good as mine and be as happy as I am.

Lots of love from Teddy

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  • this puppie is cute

    Posted by summer murray, 04/12/2010 1:21pm (8 years ago)

  • Yay for you Teddy!

    Posted by Emma , 03/10/2009 1:09am (9 years ago)

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