We've got the scoop on long termer, Scoop!

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Hi everyone at the Refuge! We have been meaning to send you an update for some time about Scoop, who I am sure you all remember as he was one of your long termers.

After seeing an advertisement and photo in The West Australian, advertising “The Dog Of The Week” Scoop, a Sharpei X Staffy, a dog that had been at the Refuge for too long, I fell in love with him straight away, so that weekend we went to the Shenton Park Dogs Refuge to visit him. 

Scoop and Taura - best mates

We were a little bit apprehensive at first as he didn’t seem very interested when we viewed him in his kennel and he was rather robotic in his nature, but seemed friendly enough with his big beautiful brown eyes which were very starry.  Then the test came to see how he got on with our other dog Taura who is a Bully X Staffy, as she wasn’t used to socializing with other dogs. But she was generally subservient and was quite lonely during the day as no one was home and she was getting some silly obsessive behaviours, but they seemed fine together so it was with pleasure that we decided there and then to adopt Scoop. 

We found the staff at the Refuge to be most helpful with their information and knowledge of their dogs and obviously a lot of time is spent teaching the dogs their manners and commands.  We found that Scoop is very gentle with taking food, will always sit when asked or to drop, walks well on a lead and is very obedient.

Once we arrived home Taura got a little jealous with sharing the attention and asserted her dominance but Scoop took it all in his stride and accepted his position as second in line.  Taura was also unsure about sleeping in close confines to Scoop, but he didn’t have a problem where he slept.  We found it quite amusing that Scoop was very robotic and was used to a regimented schedule – sleep most of the day, do what he was asked, ate dinner, then was in bed for the night as soon as it got dark and that was about it without much of a personality.  Once over the initial “shock” of living together, the dogs quickly became friends and enjoyed their afternoon play time together.

Although Taura has quite a few naughty little habits, Scoop has never once copied any of these and is the most laid back dog we have ever come across.  He never does anything wrong, has never chewed anything up nor started any bad habits. He has learnt to catch a ball and he and Taura love going for walks and play fighting, but as soon as one of them gets a bit rough, they both stop immediately because they don’t want to hurt each other. 

When we first got Scoop, he didn’t like having his front paws touched, was terrified of the hose, didn’t like getting wet and was worried when we picked up a broom but over time and constant reassuring that we love him and don’t want to hurt him, although not completely unafraid anymore, he has come to learn that these things will not hurt him and he now has full trust in us.  When it’s hot, Taura loves to lay in her own swimming pool and go into our pool for a swim and although Scoop doesn’t like this idea, he is now quite happy to have a bath or get cooled off on hot days and will now drink out of the pool that he once kept a wide berth of.

Our dogs live outside and have a kennel and two lounge chairs that fold out to be double beds and plenty of undercover area that can be closed off in the winter. In winter they love wearing their fleece lined jackets and Scoop especially loves being wrapped up all snuggly in his mink blanket.  They also have their own washing machine for all of their bedding that constantly gets washed and Scoop absolutely loves the smell of clean bedding as well as the clean washing on the line.  He always lays under it whilst it is being hung out and likes to sniff it.

Scoop's first Christmas

Two years on Scoop has completely become one of our loved family members.  He is not robotic anymore, his own personality has emerged, he now goes with the flow although is still fairly consistent with his bed time, but has learnt that more action happens later on in the day when everyone’s home so he stays awake for longer but still likes to be in bed by 9.30pm.  As my husband Scott works away, Scoop has appointed himself as Chief of Security, he is very protective of his home and family, absolutely loves our kids and anyone else’s (and adults) who visit our home. He only barks if it is necessary, loves being hugged and kissed and is always ready to give Scott big hugs and kisses when he flies home.  He is always at the gate waiting for the carport to come up when I get home from work, stays by the back door whilst I am inside and is a constant shadow when anyone is outside.  He always walks behind us and when he has to go through a door or a gate, he always waits for us to go first which we find amusing unless he is specifically requested to go first.  His manners are lovely and he is always eager to please, comes straight away when called and sits looking at you expectantly to make sure he has done the right thing.  He has the most gentlest of natures and now he and Taura sleep side by side cause they are the best of mates.

Scoop has enjoyed Christmas parties, birthdays and recently had a holiday for 5 nights at Guilderton (Moore River) over New Year.  Taura has been a number of times and loves it but this was Scoops first time and he thought it was great going to the beach and being able to sleep inside the house along with us, Taura and three teenage girls.  It was like a big slumber party.

All in all we are so thankful to have a friend like Scoop in our life and we wish to thank the Shenton Park Dog Refuge for all of the wonderful work that they do.

We have enclosed some photo’s for you perusal.

Yours Sincerely,

Melanie & Scott King

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  • bless you for giving this dog a second chance at a beautiful life

    Posted by diane , 06/01/2013 12:13am (6 years ago)

  • Scoop is such gorgeous looking boy and how lucky he was to get a second chance with such a great family.

    Posted by Jackie Varischetti, 23/08/2010 11:26pm (8 years ago)

  • Scoopy loves his \\\'forever home\\\' very much. His is such a beautiful, friendly and cuddly dog. I dont know what Taura, Mum, Scott, Nikki (sister) or I would do without him now.
    Thanks for all of the great work you do! And i hope all of the other dogs at Shenton Park Dog Refuge find a friedly, loving home like Scoop did. (:

    Posted by Tahlia Kregers (scoops big sister), 20/08/2010 10:34pm (8 years ago)

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