Wednesday is Red's favourite day

Posted by Nerilie Watson on 3 July 2013 | 1 Comments


An update on Red, a former guest of yours.


He has quite enjoyed his move South from Broome. Red has taken on his roles as rabbit controller (his form of gardening help) and human companion with his usual Kelpie vigour.  His favourite day of the week is Wednesday, when the meat truck arrives behind our house.

Our local butcher supplies Red with bones over the back fence on most days but Wednesday means extra bones and a pat from the driver. He also has a bed inside our neighbours house, and knows the kitchen door at most others, often invited in for snacks. We live in a retirement town and Red is especially welcomed in all houses on our street for a cuddle. We found this out when we put a video camera on his collar!  He also enjoys dinner time at the local pub from time to time,  hanging with his mates and can be found either gnawing on Tbones and, according to local lore, the odd garlic prawn, or chasing seagulls away from customers' chips.

His favourite sports are whale watching (beach time), polocrosse (farm time with his mate Roo the pound puppy while I ride) and golf (fetching the wayward balls in the bush, on command) and training me for 10km runs.

Red is the love of our lives and we thank you for keeping him before we forever homed him three years ago this month. He is fit and healthy and loving life. Love to you all. (He would say thanks I am sure, but he is snoring by the fire).

Cindy and Jim

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  • What a life Red has-he is one lucky pooch.

    Posted by Ali, 03/07/2013 9:45am (5 years ago)

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