What a dog! What a name!

Posted by Nerilie Watson on 30 August 2011 | 4 Comments


After our precious rescued dog, Harry, died in June last year, I simply couldn’t contemplate having another dog.  However…..another dog (known then as “Prince”) really needed us and so we took him home in May this year.


Initially, he was very stressed and frightened of almost everything, including brooms, sticks, traffic noise, bicycles, wind, loud noises, but especially men. Even the sound of a man’s voice would cause him to become very distressed. It took me a couple of days to get anywhere near him, so I gave him the time and space he needed to make up his mind. Once he decided that he could trust me, I was able to help him to gradually overcome his anxiety and he began to relax and get to know the man of the house.  They are now great friends.

His new name is Gryphon Seamus Whatamess Finn McCool.  Everyone calls him Griff!

He is a big fellow – very powerful and still only a youngster. Through the implementation of Amichien® Bonding, he has been learning without fear or force about trust and self control and is now much calmer.  He walks beautifully on a loose lead and behaves perfectly in the house.  He enjoys trips in the car to our local park, where he is able to go off-lead.  He loves to show off his athletic ability and runs like the wind with other dogs, but is very gentle with puppies and older dogs.


Many things still make him nervous, but he is gaining confidence every day.  He has put on some weight and his coat is looking healthier. Most importantly, he is very happy.  He adores his big, snuggly bed and likes nothing better than a good cuddle.

Griff still has a way to go, but we are happy to go on this journey with him. He is very much loved and we have promised him that no-one will ever hurt or frighten him again.  Many thanks to everyone who cared for him and believed that there was a great dog inside that delinquent ruffian.  He is simply the best.

Must go now…..time to take the hound for a bound.

Kind regards,

Helen and Gryphon

PS  Look out for us on the beach this summer – I’m sure he’ll love it!




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  • Hi
    We almost picked "Prince" as a companion to our other rescue dog, another Irish wolfhound cross called Murphy. Unfortunately they didnt get on but glad to see he has a good home now.

    Posted by Iain, 23/01/2012 2:02pm (7 years ago)

  • This is one very handsome boy, with one very special name, who has been adopted by the most amazing people.
    Griff is a lucky boy. Thank the universe for the special couple you two are!

    Posted by Leah, 05/09/2011 7:59pm (7 years ago)

  • Gryphon (aka Prince) has certainly landed on his feet, lucky lad. He is such a gorgeous boy who certainly deserves nothing but the best. Thank you Helen giving him the home he so neede.

    Posted by Karen, 02/09/2011 12:53pm (7 years ago)

  • So sorry to hear about the loss of your dog Harry, it is so heart breaking when you lose such loyal friends.
    Thank you so much for giving Griff the opportunity to be loved and cared for as much as Harry.
    You are such very special people and what a great new life you have given this gorgeous looking boy.
    I really love his name!

    Posted by Jackie, 02/09/2011 7:52am (7 years ago)

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