Wiggles has slotted into family life perfectly

Posted by Nerilie Watson on 11 April 2013 | 2 Comments


This is Michaela Bradley and I recently adopted little Wiggles.

When I first brought Wiggles home, it was a bit different for Bonnie since she now has to share the backyard with another dog. Things did get a little crazy for a while with a little bit of rough play. But that night they slept together in the laundry - great. They share each other’s food now, toys etc and lay next to each other when it’s nice and sunny. Wiggles is fitting in with our household quite nicely. I found the info pack you gave me quite helpful. He is adjusting to our yard well.


The notes I read about not taking Wiggles to the parks etc for one week and the others. I found great because Wiggles is calming down nicely, and will be good later on when I take him out on his first walk on Sunday (will be one week). But all together things are working out quite well. Wiggles and Bonnie are becoming buddies, both myself and Lucas love him. So Wiggles definitely has a loving home here.

Him and Bonnie are getting along great, they play together, even eat each other's food during dinner time :) lol. They both love their Kongs what I got them. Wiggles has such a good personality and fits well with Bonnie. I adore him, Lucas adores him and Bonnie is becoming really good buddies with him. So I'm really with his progress in adjusting with us and Bonnie. Here is some pictures of Wiggles, in his new home with us.

We are so happy with our decision to make Wiggles a part of our family :)




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  • What a couple of cuties, so glad they get along and share their toys and food.lovely story.

    Posted by Dot , 13/04/2013 11:31pm (6 years ago)

  • Happy homing and for Wiggles to have a wonderful playmate too.

    Posted by Ali, 13/04/2013 6:21pm (6 years ago)

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