Yilly's gentle nature shines through

Posted by Nerilie Watson on 22 October 2014 | 2 Comments


My names Tasha Rose and I recently adopted Yilly (renamed Milly) the greyhound.  I just wanted to update you on her move and how she has been settling in.


Milly has really been enjoying her new home. My niece Adele stayed over to "help" her settle in. We have had to adapt some of our behaviors as milly can easily eat of the table, we don't leave any food there. Milly loves her kong with treats and has been throwing it around with lots of energy. She is sleeping at the end of the bed.

She has been introduced to my family from 2 yrs to 80 yrs and has been calm and friendly. My nanna is even keeping treats in her house incase she pops in for a visit. She has such a gentle nature and is becoming a hit on our morning and afternoon walks as she likes to smile at everyone and happy to stand and chat.

Thank you so much for helping to match me up with a companion who is happy with me and excited to see me each day. She is a great addition to my family.


Tasha Rose

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  • Aww what a lovely story,I would be proud to walk her too.Its wonderful that she has settled in nicely with you.Dogs are beautiful creatures who bring so much love to people's lives.thank you for adopting her.

    Posted by Dot , 23/10/2014 9:31am (4 years ago)

  • awesome success story

    Posted by Ali, 22/10/2014 6:54pm (4 years ago)

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