You can't judge a book by it's cover...Ralph is really a softie

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He may look big and tough, but on the inside, Ralph is just a big softie. He is an affectionate and big doofus of a dog. Put simply, Ralph is a bit of a marshmallow. 

Ralph - Adopt Me!

Ralph is a 2.5 year old Staffy cross, who just simply wants to be with people. He will have you in stitches with his goofy smile and funny facial expressions. He can however be a little excitable at times, but he is still polite and would be an absolute pleasure to live with.

One of our volunteers has been taking Ralph home and can confirm he is the perfect dog inside the house, totally house trained and really well behaved - he loves company and likes to just lie by your side wherever you are.

He's not destructive or naughty at all and is a big couch potato – see photo! He does always need to be near you as he's pretty clingy, and gets stressed when you are away from him, so would suit either living in a family where he is not left alone for too long or with a dog friend who can match his size, energy and boisterous play style.

He is also easily spooked and will jump at almost any noise or any strange object, so needs someone who can give him quite a bit of reassurance.

Although there are a couple of things that you need to be aware of with Ralph, he really is a fantastic boy. Once he knows you, he's a real softie and very affectionate – he loves his cuddles and will lean into you for more. He is also really intelligent and obedient. He would really thrive with routine as he is a little bit of a stress-head. Ideally he'd love a quiet life living with another dog, having two walks a day and relaxing/hanging out with his family for the rest of the time.

If you think you can give Ralph a loving, forever home, please contact the Refuge or pop in to meet Ralph in person.

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