Zac heads to the Netherlands

Posted by Nerilie Watson on 8 February 2011 | 2 Comments


We adopted ZAC in January 2007. Although the staff questioned whether we would continue to take care of ZAC should our work require us to move abroad, we were allowed to welcome ZAC home.

ZAC was about 7 years old when he came to us, and we soon found out he pretended to be three. ZAC loves to chase birds or try to catch fish; so the beach and the river were his favourite places to go out.

Early 2010, we indeed had to plan our move out of Australia, and included ZAC in our moving plans. In his normal laid back manner he took the flights in his stride, and has adapted very well to the new life style in the Netherlands.

His coat has thickened to weather the snow; but snow is great fun to play with. Luckily we are still near a beach, so ZAC continues to chase birds whenever he gets the chance.

Thank you all for taking care of ZAC when he came in, and allowing us to embrace him into our family. The fun continues.

Bosman-Smits family.


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  • Thank you for loving Zac so much and including him in your move overseas. He is a gorgeous boy!

    Posted by Ray, 15/02/2011 1:20pm (8 years ago)

  • Zac is so fortunate to have a family who love him so much, and what a great life he has!

    Posted by Iris, 09/02/2011 11:01am (8 years ago)

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