A Day In The Life of Smoosh

Back in June this year, a big, friendly floofa named Wade (now named Smoosh) came to our shelter to begin his journey to finding a new home and endless happiness.

Luckily Smoosh only waited around 5 weeks to find Candice and Aaron, who swooped him up, took him home and have given him the life most dogs dream of.

Smoosh doesn’t understand his size, but apparently gives the best cuddles!

Check out Candice and Aaron’s update below!

Hi Team!

My partner, Aaron and I just wanted to send you a massive thank you for bringing the most handsome, sweet boi into our family – Smoosh (nee Wade). He settled incredibly quickly in to his new home and is already hogging the couch and beating his Mum at rope tug! I don’t think he realises that he is far too big to be a lap dog, he nearly winded me climbing into my lap! LOL! He is the most cuddly boi with SO much love to give and practically trips me up because he wants to be so close to us all the time. He is absolutely perfect (slobber, snoring and all!), we couldn’t have asked for a more perfect pooch, so thank you ??

Proud new parents,

Candice and Aaron