Keep Your Dog Safe & Happy This Easter

Easter Doggie Dos and Dont's

Our tips, tricks and warnings that will keep your pup healthy, happy and included this Easter!

Easter is such a special time to spend with friends and family.

We are so lucky here in Western Australia this year that we are able to visit family, meet with friends and travel in state, so many others around the world are not as fortunate.

Easter is a time to spend time with the whole family- and that includes your furry family members!

We’ve collated some important Dos and Don’ts that will keep everyone’s tails wagging this year.



What to Do

DO keep the chocolate well away from the dog- While this seems obvious there can be so much chocolate flying around over Easter that you forget where you’ve stashed it all. Dark chocolate is especially dangerous, containing theobromine which can be deadly to your dog, resulting in an increased heart rate, shaking, seizure, and even death.

DO know where your nearest emergency vet is– Your normal vet may not be operating their usual hours during this period. Make sure you have the nearest 24hr emergency vet on speed dial- just in case.

DO try fun a dog friendly alternatives-  See our blog for frozen peanut butter treats, or check out our social media for more fun and easy dog friendly treats you can make at home. You can also go for a new Easter toy rather than a food treat, this will be sure to keep them just as happy and entertained.

DO introduce your dog thoughtfully to new furry guests-If you’re having friends and family over and they’re bringing their dog along, always make sure you are taking the time to introduce them carefully as the guests pile in. Group situations can cause anxiety in dogs, causing them to feel overwhelmed. So do your best not to forget about them when Aunty Sarah, the kids and the new puppy arrives for lunch!

DO avoid grapes and raisins– Hot cross buns are a staple of the Easter breakfast table and they smell so delicious when they pop out of the toaster. Be wary that they also smell amazing to your dog, and raisins and grapes can leave some dogs with kidney failure and even death after consuming just a small amount

DO take breaks when travelling– If you are taking your pup on an adventure this Easter; make sure to take regular pee and leg stretch
breaks. Dogs are jus as prone to travel sickness as humans, so remember to check on them regularly and make them as safe and comfortable as possible on longer journeys.

DO include your dog in the fun!-Make sure you shower your pup in lots of love and affection. If the kids are getting a special Easter basket- why not make a dog friendly one for your pup, too! If your day happens to also include an Easter themed photo shoot with pup friendly bunny ears, please tag us in your pictures on Social media @dogsrefugehome

What not to do

DON’T swap chocolate for sugar free treats– It may seem like a great idea to substitute chocolate with some sugar free scraps for your pup. Xylitol, a commonly used artificial sweetener, is extremely harmful to your pooch and can cause liver damage, a dangerous drop in your pet’s blood pressure, or worse- so be wary.

DON’T forget where you hid the Easter eggs– Make sure you count all of the hidden eggs before and after the hunt, the last thing you want is your pup stumbling across an unfound stash days later.

DON’T leave harmful objects where your dog can find them– It’s not just Easter food that can cause harm to your four-legged friend- other hazards such as foil wrappers, decorations and electrical displays can do just as much damage. Make sure to keep this all out of their reach.

DON’T Share your Easter roast with the dog– We know it’s tempting to slip your pup scraps from your roast, but these rich foods can cause havoc to your dogs insides. Easter is one of the busiest days for vets dealing with dogs that have ingested bones, fatty foods or toxic
foods such as onions, sage and raisins. You don’t want your dog to develop pancreatitis from eating too many fatty foods, so avoid piling the leftovers into your pets bowl this year.



We hope these reminders keep you and your family safe this Easter!