The Pet Surrender Crisis: How You Can Help

How you can help us manage the WA pet surrender crisis.

An acute shortage of rental properties and an end to moratorium on rent increases and evictions has
forced many families to surrender their pets to us as they face homelessness themselves.

Our President, Karen Rhodes, explains the situation;

The rent has gone up, they have to move and they can’t find a rental that allows them to have a dog, they have tried family members and we are the last case scenario — they have come to us and sadly said they need to surrender the dog. It’s not the dog’s fault at all. It’s just sad circumstances, financial hardship and we are just getting inundated.”

Where we normally receive 10-15 surrendered dogs a week, the first few weeks of April saw us at capacity with up to 10 surrender requests a day.

We have a Pro-Life Policy enshrined in our Constitution. We do not euthanise healthy animals because we believe that all dogs deserve a second chance. We take a ‘no time limit’ approach and will provide the best care and support to our dogs in kennel or foster care until a loving home can be found.

**If you have made a surrender appointment and cannot make it or change your mind, please let us know as soon as possible by phoning 08 9381 8166. The appointments are limited and some families in need are facing longer waits due to a backlog**

In the face of this surrender crisis, we are appealing to the public to consider adopting or fostering a rescue dog. Here’s how you can help.

How can I help?


This is the easiest an quickest way you can help us. The increased numbers are putting a strain on our resources, and we so appreciate any donation you can spare. We also have a WishList for item donations that can be found here.


Browse our available dogs online and then come in to speak to our team about adopting. We are open 11am-4pm daily, except Public Holidays. Adoption interviews conclude at 3pm.


If you can open your heart out to a dog on an temporary basis, fostering may be for you. Please complete the application linked above.


From dog walking, to maintenance and cleaning, our volunteers do it all! Keep an eye on the website and our social media for the next information session.


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