Our Board

The Dogs’ Refuge Home is committed to building a strong and sustainable organisation through good governance that underpins and guides the delivery of high quality services for our dogs and the community.

The Home is led by a committed volunteer Board who are elected by the Home’s Membership at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) in October. They are guided by the Home’s Constitution and Objects of Association. The Home is a Designated Gift Recipient and operates on a charitable, not-for-profit basis.

Our current Board as elected at the AGM in October 2018 includes the following members.

Karen Rhodes
Karen has been involved with the Home since August 2006 when she adopted one of the Home’s long termers, Homer. Karen’s background is marketing and advertising and she has led the home in increasing awareness, fundraising and developing valuable corporate partnerships. Karen adopted her second dog Bronson from the Home in 2009.
Lee-Anne Ashley
Vice President
Lee-Anne has volunteered for the Home since 2009 and joined the Board in 2013. In 2010 she started our now famous annual Trivial Pawsuit quiz night and also supports the Home in a range of events and fundraising initiatives. Lee-Anne's background is in marketing and fundraising which she has put to good use in helping the Home increase donations and event income.
Chris Osborn
Chris is a lawyer in Perth specialising in commercial law. Chris has previously adopted two rescue dogs, one from the Hong Kong SPCA and the other from our Home. Chris worked on the Home's successful application for Designated Gift Recipient Status (by which donors obtain a tax deduction).
Phillip Golding
Phillip is a Fellow of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand and has extensive experience advising a wide range of businesses on financial and taxation issues. He has been involved with not for profit organisations in medical research, health care and sport. Phillip and his wife are devoted humans for two golden retrievers.
Ian Coombes
Ian has been a volunteer at the Home since 2005. He is an experienced dog handler and enjoys interacting with the Refuge dogs. As a Board member, Ian is heavily involved with the repairs, maintenance and Masterplan for the Home. Ian has adopted several senior dogs from the Home over the years and currently shares his life with his lovely wife Gaye and their beloved dog William. Ian has been recognised a Life Member.
Richard Collett
Richard has been a long-term supporter of animal charities with membership of organisations both locally and internationally. His background of 40 plus year business experience has traversed most major business sectors and he has spent the last 30 years focused in Human Resources Management and Industrial Relations.
Sarah Murphy
Sarah has been involved with the Home since 2002. In that time, she has had various volunteer roles including as a dog walker and helping out at events such as the Quiz Night and Open Day. She has also served on the Home's Committee as Vice President, Secretary and a general member. Sarah has also been a Trustee and is now a Life Member.
Marsha Sullivan
Marsha is an avid animal lover and advocate and have been a volunteer at Perth Zoo since 1999. She is a Docent volunteer guide and has been training new Docent recruits for 12 years as well as participating in behaviour enrichment programs for the animals. Marsha joined the Dogs' Refuge Home team in 2012 and has been an avid dog walker and is now regular Friday office team member.
Lynda Hancy
Lynda became a volunteer in 2003. Her contribution to our Home has been considerable and includes being our ‘volunteer’ Volunteer Coordinator for three years where she, together with her husband John, developed our computer login system to enable us to track volunteer hours.

Dogs’ Refuge Home Trustees

Underpinning our Governance structure is a group of Trustees who are also appointed at the AGM by Members. Trustees are appointed to provide counsel to the Board and often people with a long association with the Home or people with specific expertise. Our current Trustees include:

Jennifer Skiff-Sainken
Jennifer is an award-winning journalist, best-selling author, and animal advocate. She has been associated with the Dogs’ Refuge Home for more than 15 years and in that time has been an active volunteer, former President and key fundraiser, developing and championing the annual “In the Doghouse” appeal which takes place in December.
Ruth Gourley
Ruth has been an active member of the Home since 2001 when she arrived in Perth from the UK. Ruth is a PR and communications specialist and has donated countless hours to raising the Home’s profile. Ruth and her first rescue dog Barney were champion foster carers, welcoming more than 80 dogs into their home!
Ros Clarke
Ros Clarke has been involved with our Home since 2006, starting out assisting with payroll then becoming Office Manager in 2007. Ros became General Manager in 2008 and has been closely involved with our Home ever since. Ros has a wealth of experience and wonderful calm manner which enables her to navigate her way through the emotional world of rescue.
Judy Flanagan
Judy joined the Home as our General Manager in 2014 and her passion for rescue dogs made an enormous and immediate impact on our operations. Judy forged relationships that significantly increased our regional intake of dogs and oversaw large scale infrastructure developments including the construction of our new Education & Admin Building in 2016 and the opening of three new kennel blocks in 2017. Judy was appointed a Life Member on her retirement in 2017 and a Trustee in 2018.

Specialist Skills in Demand

The Board also operates a number of sub-committees to assist with the Home’s operations, development and sustainability. People with specific skills in organisation and business development, HR, IR, IT, risk, finance, workplace safety, fundraising, project management, dog or general animal welfare, government, building and maintenance are always encouraged to contact our Board and offer short or longer term assistance.

If you would like to know more about becoming a Member of the Dogs’ Refuge Home please visit our Membership page.