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We understand how much your pet, and its temporary care, means to you when you’re away from home. We want you to have complete peace of mind while your pet is with us. Our Staff are dedicated professionals and we offer a truly caring environment. As dog lovers, we will care for your dogs like our own.

  • Personal attention to your dog
  • 2 extra-large dog runs and 18 standard size dog runs, with 20 kennels available
  • Temperature controlled floors; warming in winter and cooling in summer
  • Clamshell pools in summer for water-loving dogs
  • Thundershirts for fearful dogs in wild weather
  • 24hr caretakers on secure site
  • Qualified Vet Nurses on site, Subiaco Vets on call 24hr
  • Minimum 35 minutes walk daily, varies where applicable in hot weather
  • Grassed dog exercise areas and agility yard
  • Impeccable cleanliness
  • Regular changes of bedding
  • Toys provided, or bring your own
  • We use high quality dry food, dog roll and freshly cooked chicken, however where a dog is on a special diet, such as
    Raw Food, Single Protein Diet, Raw Kangaroo Meat, Barf, Gastrointestinal, and to avoid a change in diet we strongly recommend owners supply the specialist food.
  • Prescribed medications administered by Qualified Vet Nurses
  • Hydro-bath service

Checking In

Check-in from 9.15am to Midday 7 days a week (or by arrangement); Check-out by 4pm

  • Boarding costs $40 per dog per day.
  • If boarding 2 dogs and sharing a kennel,add an additional $20per day.
  • If boarding 3 dogs and sharing a kennel, add an additional $10 per day.

All dogs must have proof of current vaccinations (C5). Our primary focus is always the dog’s wellbeing, with this in mind, we have elected to set an upper boarding limit of 4 weeks. If you need to be away from your pet for longer than this, we recommend reaching out to a qualified and truster house or pet sitter. 

All dogs must have proof of current vaccinations (C5). Please upload when completing our booking enquiry form.

Please note, the Dogs’ Refuge Home does not accept dogs to board if they are above a certain age.

These ages are; Small Dog > 12 years old, Medium-Large Dog > 10 years old, Giant breed >8 years old.

Dogs sharing kennels must be from the same family, or are known to socialise well together.

The only way to make a formal booking is to complete our booking enquiry form or contact us on 9381 8166 after 10am daily or at 

We have many regular clients and book out quickly for all peak season times – school holidays, Christmas, Easter, Long Weekends – if you know you are going to be away please make your booking as soon as possible.

All money raised through our Boarding service helps to directly fund our rescue and re-homing work.

Deposit and Cancellations:

  • A Deposit of 50% of the expected boarding fee is payable at the time of booking, and the booking is not confirmed until this payment has been received
  • If the booking is cancelled more than four (4) weeks prior to the arranged check-in/arrival date, a $25 fee is charged. This fee will be deducted from the deposit, with the balance refunded by cheque or through a credit card credit.
  •  If the booking is cancelled less than four (4) weeks prior to the arranged check-in/arrival date, the deposit is non-refundable.

Please see below for a size comparison on our standard and double kennels. We have two double kennels available.