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Toxic Household Items To Keep Away From Your Dogs

Even though we may think that our homes are (relatively) pet-safe, there’s many common household items that are toxic to our four-legged friends, and we’re not just talking about food! Dogs will be dogs, and this means they’re prone to “taste testing” inedible objects and foods, which can be fatal.

From cleaning agents, plants and medication, it’s important to store these items out of sight, safely away from your pets.

Some of these items will be common knowledge to many people, but some aren’t as obvious. Continue reading Toxic Household Items To Keep Away From Your Dogs

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Blueberry and Coconut Dog Treats

Blueberry Coconut Dog Treats

It’s International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day on Sunday, so we’re celebrating with a healthy dog treat recipe for all you canine owners out there.

Even though IDBAD is celebrated all over the world, nobody knows where the day originated from or why, but we’re sure many dogs know how to celebrate it!

These dog treats are super easy to make and most importantly, delicious – we tried them on our dogs and they loved them!

We’ve swapped out regular flour for coconut flour, which helps with digestion, and we’ve incorporated blueberries which are a great low-calorie treat and they’re packed with antioxidants, vitamins C and K, and fibre. Continue reading Blueberry and Coconut Dog Treats

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Amber Lives Happily Ever After

Ian has suffered from depression for quite some time, but since fostering and adopting Amber, he has noticed a significant positive change in his mental health. He says having a waggling tail to come home to each day has given him something to look forward too. On top of that, Ian has made new friends and reconnected with old friends because of their mutual love of dogs.

Continue reading Amber Lives Happily Ever After