Dog Laws

Fines / Penalties

DOG CONTROL – FINE: $200 – $5,000
Keeping your dog secure on your property and making sure your dog is always on leash in public places. Failing to do so will result in a fine from your local council.

Ensuring your dog is not barking excessively.
The Dogs’ Refuge Home recommends you speak to a qualified trainer to help minimize barking. Please note: we (Dogs’ Refuge Home) do NOT condone the use of anti-barking devices.

REMOVAL OF DOG POOP! – fine varies
It’s important to keep public places clean and free of dog poo, so please remember to always carry disposable doggy bags and dispose of your dogs droppings in the nearest bin.

DOG ATTACKS – FINE: $3,000 – $20,000 (potential imprisonment)
If your dog attacks a person or another animal, YOU will be held responsible even if you weren’t present at the time of the incident.
Local councils take dog attacks very seriously, and on top of a fine, you may be ordered to have your dog put to sleep.
It’s crucial dog owners follow the rules and always keep your dog on lead in public, especially if your dog isn’t comfortable around people and/or other animals.

As a dog owner, you have legal obligation to register your dog with your local council if your dog is over 3 months of age. Most local councils provide registration forms online.

All dogs must wear a collar with an attached valid registration tag. This tag is issued by your local council upon paying your registration fee.


Did you know that from the 1 November 2013, it’s compulsory to have your dog micro-chipped when they are registered for the first time or when a change of ownership occurs.

By the 1 November 2015, ALL dogs must be microchipped.

Local Laws

Local councils are able to introduce local laws on a variety of matters for dog control including specified dog exercise areas and how many dogs can be housed at one premises. For more information, please contact your local council.

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Information thanks to the Department of Local Government and Communities