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You are no doubt excited to start your life with a new family member, but you must remember that your dog needs time to adjust to the changes in its life.

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Having a pet is a huge 15yr+ commitment so it’s important that you’re as prepared as possible before bringing your new furry family member home. 

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Here at the Refuge, one of our most important policies is our policy surrounding outside-only dogs. We know, it's a controversial subject, but a very important subject.


Most of us will know the importance physical exercise plays in our dogs' overall wellbeing, but we can often forget about how important it is to also provide mental enrichment on a daily basis.


If you’re ready to welcome a new baby into your life and you’ve already got a beloved pooch, now is the time to start preparing your home and your dog for the arrival of your baby.


Even though we may think that our homes are (relatively) pet-safe, there's many common household items that are toxic to our four-legged friends, and we're not just talking about food!

finidng the right trainer

Selecting the right trainer to help your dog can be daunting. There are many different approaches to dog training, we are huge advocates for reward-based training using positive reinforcement methods. Please the button to the left to access our recommended trainers list for Perth and the Surrounds.

Recommended Trainers


Advice on caring for your dog from vaccinations, worming, flea, heartworm, feeding and more!

A great tool to check the quality of pet food- general rule of thumb, do not feed your pet anything rated below 7/10

Success Stories


Angus first arrived to us in October 2020. He was adopted and returned 3 times and we worried he would never find his perfect match. But that all changed almost exactly 1 year later, when his perfect home came through the Refuge gates. Aaron & Celine have proven in the right home with plenty of patience, love and resilience there can be a happy ending. Thank you so much for taking a chance on this big, beautiful boy.

“Angus, it’s been nearly 6 months that you’ve been a part of our family and what a journey it has been. You have so quickly grown to be a permanent part of our family; and have made it complete.

From the first day that you chose us through the shelter’s fence, the first few nights where you were finding your feet, and our insanely broken sleeping pattern because of all the new noises around. You’re now completely settled and allowing us into your world. Your quirky personality is coming out, as you’re beginning to be braver in this little world and now that you’re learning the softer side of it. You’re the best little big brother for Sparry and have completely captured our hearts, as well as anyone else who meet you.

Couldn’t imagine life without you little man.”



After losing their beloved DRH dog Kuda, Lauren's family were ready to open up their hearts and home to another dog in need- and they knew just the place to go.

But it turned out... one new family member just wasn't enough...

Lauren told us; "We were looking for a new family member after sadly our beloved dog Kuda passed away. Who we also adopted through you guys! We came across Missy. We fell in love and brought her home, we realised after we brought her home, she was actually in the same kennel as Kuda was back 4 years ago! it was meant to be! 3 weeks later, we were back to expand!

We worked closely with Lindsay who was an absolute gem of a woman. She really worked with us on finding the perfect match for Missy. After a few dog meets, Muddy came to play and it was just meant to be! They are best friends and do everything together! Even at the dog park they will only play with each other they are very much loved. Even if they have chewed my furniture "
Thank you so much for giving this pair an amazing home!
An extra special shout out to our Lindsay and all of our other fabulous Team Leaders, Trainers an Animal Attendants here at the Refuge.


If you'd like to speak to our trainers about your Refuge dog, please give us a call between 10am-4pm, 7 days a week on 9381 8166