Important Information

Date: 5 Aug 2020

To our valued supporters,

We have some updated important information to share with you regarding our policies and procedures regarding COVID-19 and the way we will operate going forward.

We’d like to reiterate that pets CAN’T contract COVID-19, despite some of the fake news circulating the internet at present.

How To Adopt A Dog


We are OPEN to the public by appointments only. This means that you can still adopt a canine friend from us, but some processes have to be followed prior to us making an appointment for you to come on site.
Here is our new process:

1. COMPLETE ONLINE APPLICATION: Please fill out an Adoption Application CLICK HERE
(be as thorough as you can in your application and if you’re renting, be sure to include written approval from your landlord to house a dog – this speeds up the process)

2. BOOK A PHONE INTERVIEW: Once we have received your application, our office team will be in contact with you to book in a phone interview with one of our adoption staff members
As we anticipate to receive quite a lot of applications, we ask our supporters to please be patient with us as we only have a small team of staff at the moment. We will be working hard to get in contact with everyone as soon as we possibly can.

3. PHONE INTERVIEW: The phone interview will help us get a better understanding of your lifestyle and requirements, so we can try to match you with a suitable dog. If we are able to match you with a suitable dog/s, we can then proceed to book an appointment for you to meet with the dog/s on site.
Please be aware: There are times when we may not have the right dog for everyone’s lifestyle and requirements, so we ask that you continue to keep an eye on our website and social channels and if a dog becomes available that you think would suit your lifestyle, please get in contact with us.

4. ONSITE MEET & GREET: When you arrive onsite, one of our staff members will escort you to an exercise yard, where we will introduce you to the dogs we have recommended. Our exercise yards are large and allow for ample space between you and the dog handler, so we can maintain social distancing at all times.
Please note: Meet and Greets need to be conducted with everyone who resides at your home – this includes children, cats and dogs.

5. ADOPTION: If your meet and greet goes well and you wish to proceed with adoption, we will need to process the adoption in our reception area. We politely ask that payments are made via PayPass, to limit contact. 

Please ensure you are in the financial position to be able to afford a dog – whilst our adoption fee covers microchipping; sterilisation and vaccination, a dog is a lifelong commitment and they require regular vet check-ups, food, and surprise medical bills that can occur throughout the life of your furry companion.


  • Submitting an application online for a specific dog DOES NOT guarantee you the ability to adopt that dog or to place that dog on hold.
  • We are dealing with a large number of enquiries on a daily basis, so we ask for your understanding during these times and know that we are doing everything we can to find the best homes for our dogs.


We strongly advise that anyone who is making a payment on-site, to pay via paypass/tap-and-go. Cash is still accepted, but please, if you’re able to make a contactless payment over eftpos, this is the safest option for everyone.

IF YOU HAVE BEEN TRAVELLING INTERNATIONALLY OR INTERSTATE OR YOU HAVE BEEN FEELING UNWELL, WE CANNOT HAVE YOU ONSITE – the best way to support us and our dogs is to ensure we are healthy enough to continue to look after the dogs in our care


Lastly, we want to thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts for continuing to support us.