Our Wishlist

One way to help our dogs in need is to donate items from our Wish List.

The hard truth is that there is always a never-ending number of items that we require to help us run our shelter more efficiently and to help enrich the lives of our dogs, but unfortunately funds don’t allow for the purchase of most of these items.

Below are some of the much-needed items that we require. If you’re in the position to help with any of these, we’d be forever grateful.

Hills Science I/D Biscuits

Many of our dogs come in with upset tummies due to stress and the best food to help settle their stomachs is Hills Science I/D biscuits.

SavourLife Dog Biscuits and Treats


Reusable Puppy Pads

Over 200 puppies have come through our doors already this year, that is a lot of puppy wee! We’d love reusable/washable puppy pads!

Quality Dog Roll

We love the Prime100 SPD range for our dogs. A rich single source of protein, this food is not only delicious, but it can assist dogs with food sensitivities.

Kongs – XL and XXL

Kongs are a staple toy for our dogs, and some of our dogs are fed using them. We are in short supply of XL and XXL sized Kongs.

Treats for Training

Ideally we would like natural quality products – liver treats, small chews, straps etc.
Please note: We do not require pigs ears or raw hide treats of any kind. These can present a choking risk when given unsupervised.

Quality Dog Biscuits

We’re always in need of high quality dog biscuits. At any one time we can have well over 100 mouths to feed and this all adds up! Some of the brands we feed our dogs are:

  • Advance
  • Eukanuba
  • Black Hawk
  • Hills Science Diet (ID Range)

DAP Collars

DAP, also known as Adaptil, contains a dog appeasing pheromone – a substance produced by lactating dogs which comforts and reassures their puppies. It has also been proven to have similar reassuring benefits to adult dogs when exposed to stressful situations.


ThunderShirt uses gentle hugging-like properties to calm your dog. ThunderShirt’s have a dramatic calming effect for most dogs and are a staple item at our Home for our anxious dogs.

Puzzle Toys

Puzzle toys help make our dogs kennel time as stimulating as possible – particularly for our more active dogs. Puzzle toys are also a perfect way to provide mental enrichment for our dogs.

BlackDog Balance Harnesses (Medium & Large)

Balance Harnesses are used every day at our Home. They are a specific harness that helps reduce our dog’s tendencies to pull on lead while out walking.

Walkie UHF FM Transceiver – Vertex Standard VX-426

Everyday our staff use Walkie radio’s to communicate with one another during the day. Our radio’s help us to work efficiently and are an incredibly important item for our Home.

Dog Sunscreen

In the heat of summer it’s very important we apply sunscreen to our dogs to avoid getting burnt. Light-coloured dogs are prone to burning, so dog sunscreen is always needed.

Frozen Mixed Veggies & Rice

To mix up our dog’s meals and add extra nutritional value, we quite often use mixed vegetables and white rice with their biscuits. *Please make sure there’s no onion in the mixed vegetables.

Tins of Tuna and Sardines

Tuna and sardines are another staple we use in our dog kitchen. Some of our dogs need a little “sweetener” to eat their biscuits and tuna and sardines are a great appetiser! Please make sure fish is in spring water.

Artificial Turf

Sections of artificial turf are used in our kennels for toileting purposes. This provides a welcome relief from toileting on concrete.

Monetary Donations

Alternatively you can donate funds so we can purchase some of the items above. Please be sure to leave a message with your donation to let us know that you’d like your donation to go towards items on our Wish List. You can donate here: https://www.givenow.com.au/dogshomewa

Most of the items above can be purchased at our sponsor stores, City Farmers and Petbarn.

Thank you in advance for your generous donations!