Seniors for Seniors

As you hit your older years, there is no doubt that continuing to have a dog in your life can make a huge difference to your health and happiness! Great companionship, a daily walk, helping reduce stress, making new friends at the park and of course a bit of protection are just some of the reasons why dog ownership is so good for you!

Unfortunately, we see save many senior dogs – typically aged from 7 years – surrendered by owners or left unclaimed at the pound every year. Still with plenty of life and love to give, these dogs are just hoping to find a new owner with plenty of time to pamper them into their golden years.

That’s where our Seniors for Seniors program comes in. This program aims to create the perfect match between a senior person (65 yrs +) and a senior dog (aged 7 yrs+). We help you select a canine companion to suit your lifestyle and home environment and also take into consideration the needs of the dog.

It is understandable that older people don’t want to take on the hassle or responsibility of puppies and younger dogs! By adopting a senior dog, you not only give that dog a second chance, but will likely have a dog who is already toilet trained, gentler, calmer and easier to walk. An adult dog is more likely to slot into your lifestyle and be less demanding that puppies and young dogs.

We are also here to help. If you experience any issues settling your new dog in, please call our office (9381 8166 from 10am to 4pm daily) and speak to our training team.

What about the costs?

All our dogs come sterilized, micro-chipped, vet checked and will have an up to date vaccination. If there is any medical treatment required before adoption we will carry this out and if there is any known medical conditions at the time of adoption our clinic staff will explain that fully to you. Our adoption fee for senior dogs is also reduced.

Of course over time, you may incur medical expenses related to your dog’s health. This should be a consideration prior to adopting or purchasing any dog. If you have any major issues or concerns, you are welcome to call the Home at any time and we will try to assist with information or referral advice.

What if I can’t take care of my dog any longer?

Depending on your health and living arrangements, we may be able to assist you to help keep your dog home with you as long as possible. We offer a boarding service which may be useful if you have a short or longer term stay in hospital but will return home and be active again.

Or, if you are having difficulty with mobility (ie. walking to driving) or require support from time to time managing your dog, there is a fabulous WA-based group called POOPS (Pets of Older Persons) who may be able to help you or a loved one. Please visit for further information on the services they provide.

And sadly, if there comes a time when you are no longer able to keep your dog or are moving into residential care, we will take back any dog adopted from us no matter their age. We do also accept dogs who have been privately purchased or adopted from other rescues, subject to our surrender process.

Are Senior Dogs Just for Seniors?

Older dogs may also suit younger people and families, who for a number of reasons may not want to take on a puppy or young dog, but who may be looking for a suitable mature dog.

Our philosophy is to try and find the right home for every dog. With dogs rescued from a pound where there is no ownership history, we are cautious about recommending them for adoption by young families. Older or senior dogs can also be mindful of their space and may not want to be fussed, petted or played with as much as a younger dog and are best suited to a quieter home environment.

We have dogs of all ages, sizes and breeds and are sure to be able to find a match suited to your home and lifestyle.