5x PM2.5 Mask Filters


Here at the Refuge we are taking every precaution we can to keep our team and visitors safe as we navigate the ongoing Covid-19 outbreak.

5x PM2.5 Activated Carbon Filter Anti Haze 5 Layers Filter

A PM2.5 filter is a disposable insert that improves a mask’s filtration effectiveness, especially against the smallest aerosolized particles. A certified pm2.5 filter  used with a fitted cloth mask can block the vast majority of airborne particulates, including fine aerosols. When evaluating breathable, reusable solutions for everyday use, a pm2.5 filter + mask is one of the most protective options available.

**Please note this product is just the 5x filters- mask not included. Click here to purchase a mask**

  • Filter size: 120mm x 80mm

Make sure you also get your hands on our…

Premium cotton face mask that’s washable and reusable time and again. Each mask features 2 layers of black cotton and for an extra comfortable fit two black elastic over ear straps are adjustable in length using a simple slide mechanism. A squeeze tight, secure nose clip provides better protection against the possible transfer of airborne particles. The mask features an internal pocket to allow the wearer to insert an extra layer of protection (ie a filter). The mask is a non-medical device but will protect against solid particles and droplets. Hand washing in a mild detergent is recommended after each use, rinse well and dry before using again.

  • Mask size: 210mm x 120mm

Choose from 3 designs:

  • Plain black with DRH logo
  • Only to be removed for dog kisses
  • Socially distanced, but not from dogs

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