Balance Harness


Our ‘go to’ harnesses at the Refuge are the Black Dog Balance Harnesses.

We cannot recommend this product highly enough- it is efffective, simple to use and adaptable. Fed up of trying to lift your wriggly dogs legs into harness leg holes? Not a problem with the Balance Harness simple design. Sick of your dog outgrowing harnesses? This harness is so adaptable- we use size L on so many different shape and size dogs.

The Black Dog Balance Harness helps stop your dog pulling on lead – it helps you train your dog to balance correctly on all four feet and not rely on the lead – They learn to walk comfortably without the need to pull.

  • Gently Stops Dogs Pulling and allows Effective Training
  • Control from the Front and the Back,
  • Easy to Fit and adjust – comfortable and strong.
  • Restores Balance and allows Effective Lead Training.

Please refer to size guide to ensure you order the correct size for your dog.


Available in

Size: Small, Medium &  Large

Colours: Red, Orange, Pink, Purple, Blue, Green