The Adoption Process

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Finding loving homes with people committed to meeting each dog’s needs is a top priority for us. Our adoption process is designed to help us get a better understanding of your lifestyle, living arrangements and expectations, so we can help match you with the right canine companion.

Our rescue dogs have a thorough veterinary and behaviour assessment prior to being available for adoption. All new arrivals are vaccinated, micro chipped, de-wormed and sterilised as part of the placement process.

All of the information you will need is provided below, but please don’t hesitate to contact us on 9381 8166 between 10AM and 4PM each day should you have any further queries.

Now, let’s get you on your way to finding the perfect companion!

Adoption Fees

Did you know that the Dogs’ Refuge Home is almost entirely self-funded. This means that our Adoption Fees are used to help cover some, but certainly not all of the costs associated with rescuing and re-homing our dogs. Unfortunately rescuing dogs and giving them a second chance is quite costly and without charging an adoption fee we wouldn’t be able to save the lives of thousands of dogs each year.

Our adoption fee helps cover pre-treatment vet works including sterilisation, vaccination, microchipping, flea and worming, behavior assessment, training and food expenses, however the cost to rescue and re-home a dog is considerably more than our adoption fee. We feel that every one of the dogs in our care is worth every cent we invest in them.

  • ADULT DOGS (ages from 6 months to 7 years) $480
  • PUPPIES (up to 6 months) $590
  • LONG-TERMERS – available for a special fee of $370 (includes one-on-one training sessions)
  • SENIOR DOGS (over 7 years) $370

PLEASE NOTE* To adopt a dog from the Dogs’ Refuge Home, you will need to have Permanent Residency or Citizenship.

1. Choosing a Potential New Companion

The first step to finding your new companion is to come and visit us at 30 Lemnos St, Shenton Park. We are open to the public 7-days-a-week from 11AM – 4PM.

You can also view our dogs on our website prior to coming in, but there’s nothing quite like meeting your potential new canine friend in person.

When you arrive onsite, you can either report to reception or follow the signage which will direct you around our Home.

We encourage all of our visitors to have a look around, choose a number of dogs that you think may be suitable and then head back to Reception.

Please keep in mind that the kennel environment is very stressful for some of our dogs, so they may not present well to outside visitors. More often than not, a dog’s behavior will completely change when in a yard. It’s always best to request to see a dog in the yard if they are showing signs of distress – you never know, the scared or distressed dog you see in kennel could be your perfect match!

If you have children, please remember to approach carefully and always monitor your children when visiting our Home. Do not allow children to put their hands through the kennel.

2. Complete our Dog Adoption Questionnaire

It’s very important for us to ensure your lifestyle and home environment will be compatible with your potential new dogs needs. Our Questionnaire and interview process are designed to provide us with as much information as possible so we can try to match you with a suitable dog. Gathering information about your living situation and lifestyle is a crucial part of our adoption process.

All prospective canine guardians are asked to come in to see us at 30 Lemnos St, Shenton Park, between the hours of 11AM – 3PM 7-days-a-week. When onsite, a member of our Adoption Team will sit with you and discuss your expectations and any dogs you have on your list. After speaking with you, they may make other recommendations of dogs that would better suit your lifestyle / existing pets / children. Our goal is to match the right dog with the right home, creating the best possible chance of a forever union!

If our Adoption staff decide the dog you have your heart set on will not be suited to your current circumstances or expectations of dog ownership – please don’t take offense. We have the best interest of the dog at heart and do not want to create an unhappy match for you or the pooch.

If you live in a Rental property, the Residential Tenancy Agreement must give permission for the Tenant to have a dog and state the number of dogs allowed at the property. The Residential Tenancy Agreement must be presented to the office staff prior to any adoption being considered.

PLEASE NOTE: Our dog adoption interviews cannot be started any later than 3PM daily, so please ensure you arrive in time to complete an adoption questionnaire if you hope to meet a member of the Adoption Team that day.

Every dog we re-home is adopted on the understanding that it can be returned if you have issues or concerns or find the dog is not compatible in your home environment. Please contact as soon as you have any concerns about your adopted pooch!

3. Participate in a Dog or Cat Meet

Our experienced staff will take you to a quiet area where a controlled dog meet will take place so that you can interact socially with the dog and be certain that the choice you have made is the right one – for everyone. This will mean ALL members who live in the home will be required to meet the dog prior to adoption.

It is essential that prospective owners who already own a dog and/or cat bring him/her to the Home for a compatibility test with their intended adoptee before the new dog will be released. This may be on the same day or a day shortly thereafter. We don’t recommend bringing your dog or cat/s onsite until the adoption process has been completed and you have decided to adopt your new dog pending the ‘meet and greet’.

Hormone changes can adversely affect a female dog’s mood and can predispose them to acts of aggression even if she has never been aggressive before. Hormone changes cause irritability, anxiety and nervousness, and in un-spayed females can even cause pain during ovulation. These changes, and their disposition toward aggression, can make female dogs unpredictable with other dogs, particularly when in the company of other female dogs. For this reason, in the interests of the welfare and safety of the dogs, we may decline to re-home a female dog into a home with another female dog.

4. Our Policy on Sterilisation

We sterilise all our dogs and only re-home dogs to families with an existing dog if that dog has been sterilised. There are a number of reasons why we do this:

Ethical reasons – we sterilise all our dogs to prevent “accidents”. Puppies born to families that have not sterilised their dogs might have trouble finding homes and can subsequently end up in shelters.

Behavioral reasons – dogs that have not been sterilised are more likely to show increased aggression towards other dogs. We will not re-home dogs into an environment where an unsterilised dog may act inappropriately towards the new dog.

Medical reasons – sterilisation reduces the risk of mammary tumours, which can be life threatening to female dogs, as well as tumours of the ovaries, uterus, cervix and pyometra. Castration in male dogs reduces the risk of prostatic disease and perianal tumours, and eliminates the risk of testicular cancers.

5. Our Returns Policy

Sometimes rescue dogs can take a while to settle in their new home, particularly if they have been with us for some time or are not accustomed to a good home life.

We accept back all our dogs unconditionally and our Adoption Agreement states that should your dog prove incompatible with your lifestyle, home environment or if your personal circumstances change, that you ALWAYS bring the dog back to us.

There is no time limit on returning a dog to us. If you are having difficulty with a dog you have adopted from us then please call the office and ask to speak with a trainer so we can try to offer some remedial training support to help settle your new dog in or correct undesirable behaviors.

A trainer can also help you decide if the dog is not a good fit for your home or requirements or refer you on to other training and obedience programs. Please always speak to us first before making any decisions about your adopted dog’s future.

PLEASE NOTE: It is NOT permitted to advertise your rescue dog privately through online means (Gumtree, Facebook etc). ALL Dogs’ Refuge Home dogs MUST be returned to our shelter should your circumstances change in the future.