Our Staff

The Dogs’ Refuge Home consists of around 30 staff and more than 250 volunteers. All of our staff and volunteers contribute in amazing ways to ensure our values are upheld and dog welfare is at the forefront of our work.

These are the types of roles we employ at the Home to provide quality and care for all our doggy residents.

Kristi Treadgold
General Manager
Our General Manager provides oversight for the operations and strategic direction of the Home reporting and working alongside the Board.
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Animal Care Attendants
Our Animal Care Attendants are responsible for the health and hygiene of our dogs whilst they are in the kennel environment. Attendants also provide information on dogs, monitor how they are coping, provide feedback to trainers and help with adoption interviews.
Our Clinic staff are Certificate IV trained in Veterinary Nursing (at minimum) and look after the medical welfare of our dogs including rehabilitation. The clinic team provide any known medical information to new owners and provide medical support and assistance with vet appointments for foster carers and adoptive parents.
Our training team behaviourally assess every dog before they are available for adoption, determining their sociability towards dogs and humans, their level of obedience, suitability to be re-homed with children and other key factors that allow us to recommend and match them to new owners. They also undertake remedial work when needed and provide advice to new owners. Our trainers are Certificate III and IV qualified in Companion Animal Services (at minimum).
Foster Coordinator
Our Foster Coordinator works with the training and clinic teams to identify dogs who require short or medium term foster placement and matches dogs with foster carers in an effort to provide optimum opportunities for our dogs to attain a forever home.
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Volunteer Coordinator
The Volunteer Coordinator reviews volunteer applications, runs induction sessions for new volunteers and provides ongoing liaison and support to our volunteers.
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Office Staff
Our office staff take pride in being customer-focused, greeting all visitors with a smile. They are knowledge in all aspects of the running of the Home. If you are interested in adopting they will provide you with the Adoption Questionnaire and once you had decided on your new companion, they will take you through and complete the adoption paperwork.
Digital Communications Officer
Our Digital Communications Officer manages the Home’s social media channels, keeps our website up to date and supports our internal teams to promote and find homes for our dogs. If you have adopted a dog from the Home we would love to hear your Adoption Story.
Events Coordinator
Our Events Coordinator manages our events and takes enquiries for sponsorship and fundraising efforts. If you would like to fundraise for the Dogs’ Refuge Home or find out about an upcoming event please contact us!
Maintenance Team
Our maintenance team are an integral part of our organisation. They maintain our gardens, dog exercise yards, kennels, and our admin building. They have a broad range of skills that are highly valued at our Home; from keeping our grounds neat and tidy, receiving and storing goods, helping with events, general repair work, and even putting to use their snake handling training to safely relocate our reptilian friends when needed.