Surrendering a Dog

An unprecedented volume of requests to our Home to take in dogs in need has sadly led to a wait period of at least 4 weeks.  

*This excludes former DRH dogs who will be prioritised for return as kennel space becomes available. We will still require patience as kennels will not be immediately available. Please ensure dogs are up to date with vaccinations before applying to surrender.*

Surrendering your dog can be a very emotional process and we understand how hard this decision can be, but we want to assure you that surrendering your dog to a reputable rescue organisation is the best option if you can no longer keep them.

Privately re-homing your dog can be time consuming and add further stress to your situation. It can also be difficult interviewing potential new owners and inviting strangers to your home. It is also possible that people who have been unable to adopt from a rescue organisation, search Gumtree and Facebook to purchase a dog.

If you do decide to re-home your dog privately, we recommend that you never offer your dog free to a good home and always place some monetary value to try and encourage genuine enquiries.

By surrendering your dog to a rescue group like the Dog’s Refuge Home, you can feel safe in the knowledge that our adoption process is rigorous and designed to gain as much information on the person wanting to adopt and their lifestyle. We will also take into account your feedback about your dog and our trainer’s assessment to make sure we get the right match in a new home where your dog’s needs will be met. We also keep the new owner’s contact details on record so we can always get in contact with them to check in.

Along with our stringent adoption process, we also welcome the return of any of our adopted dogs – at any stage throughout their life. This means that if the new owners’ circumstances change, they must return the dog to us so we can safely rehome again.

We do charge a small surrender fee of $65. If you are going through financial hardship, please speak to our staff over the phone.

Below are the steps to surrendering your dog:

1. Provide us with details about your dog

Please complete our surrender questionnaire online and we will get back to you within 24-48hrs. If you need urgent assistance, please call the office on  9381 8166 during 10am and 3.30pm daily.

Our surrender questionnaire helps us to get as much information as possible about your dog including understanding your reason for surrendering, so we can assess whether we are able to take your dog into our care. Based on the information you provide, we will either conditionally approve your dog to come into our care or we will decline. Should we decline your dog, we will provide contact information for other rescue organisations that may be able to assist you.

2. Bring Your Dog in For a Dog Test

If your dog has been conditionally approved, we will book in a date and time for you to bring your dog in so we can conduct a controlled dog meet. This is done at fence-line to see how your dog reacts to one of our resident dogs. Whilst we don’t decline dogs that are reactive to other dogs, we can decline your dog if we feel that bringing your dog into our shelter will be detrimental to his/her well-being, our staff and volunteers or members of the public.

3. Medical Assessment

If your dog is formally approved to come into our care, we will ask you to head to Subiaco Vet located just five minutes from the Home at 107 Railway Parade, Subiaco. Subiaco Vet It is open 7 days). No appointment is needed if you arrive before 12pm. The medical assessment is $35 and is paid to the vet.

Once the medical assessment has been done, you can bring your dog back to the shelter so we can settle him/her into their new kennel.

There is no judgement by staff or volunteers about your decision to re-home your dog. There are many reasons why your circumstances change, and changes to your life, health, finances, family and living arrangements to name a few might mean you can no longer care for your beloved dog. If you are in this situation please contact us, we are committed to every dog finding a safe and loving home.

PLEASE NOTE: To surrender your dog, you will need to provide proof of ownership